Girly Sunday Pleasures.


Imperial Fashion dress / Gianvito Rossi stocking boots / Givenchy Antigona bag

You seldom see me wearing girly dresses, it takes a freshly baked baguette and some good hours of sun in the Albion capital to make me consider wearing one. Though not Paris, baguettes aren’t a rarity in London either, the city being filled with French chains of bakeries; sun on the other side can be a tricky task, but as we get closer to summer, London keeps satisfying most of its citizens with relatively good weather.

It was a Sunday of pastries, old French music, green tea and book shopping, when I decided to feel more or less like a lady, and wear my new peach dress from Imperial Fashion. It is indeed a girly piece, but so subtle and beautiful that even I couldn’t resist, especially when pairing with a pair of black stocking boots it looks like a perfect casual outfit for spring.

pink lace dress-10

pink lace dress-21

pink lace dress-8

pink lace dress-4

pink lace dress-17

pink lace dress

pink lace dress-13

pink lace dress-15

pink lace dress-3

pink lace dress-16

pink lace dress 2

pink lace dress-5

pink lace dress-20

Photo: Daniel Dykes

  • Lyn

    Absolutely WOW!
    I am in love with this dress! & how you combined it, amazing! The black boots and bag make that the girly dress is a bit edgier.
    Seriously, I’m blown away by this outfit, I want everything in my own closet !!
    xo Lyn

  • You look so pretttttty in that pink dress! Love it !

  • lovely!

  • this is amazing !! 🙂

  • Love the colour of the dress, but these boots are just to die for!!! I’ve been thinking about s pair just like this, without a big heel, for some time now, I think I’ll give in this winter!!

  • Ольга

    Какая нежная и красивая!!

  • Omg that dress looks soooo cute and I love the boots too!

    xx Mira

  • Beautiful dress and love the thigh high boots!

  • what a lovely look!

  • such a cute outfit! LOVE LOVE LOVE the boots too

  • Cassandra

    Eres delicada como los petalos de rosas!

  • Stunning look !

  • Irene

    Beautiful dress!Simply marvelous and fantastic.

  • That is such a cute and girly dress. The Gianvito Rossi boots are amazing and it looks like the perfect chic Sunday outfit.


  • te prinde foarte bine culoarea!

  • You managed to tame down the girliness of this dress with your killer structured bag and boots, yet I would’ve loved to see one good old masculine blazer on top, like the ones you often times wear. It would’ve made the look simply perfect !

    P.S. You should wear similar dresses more often !

    best wishes,

  • This shooting is absolutely stunning Doina!! And you are a very charming young lady!

  • perfect dear!
    The color of this dress suits you!!!

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  • Adele

    Amazing look and pics!!Such a nice dress!

  • I love your bag!!!!

  • The cutest outfit I have seen in a long time! you look amazing!!

  • love that bag!

  • andrabx

    I am just in love with your beautiful dress!!!!!!! check it out :))

  • Doina, I like your blog and the way you express yourself , you are the best!!! The dress in this post is lovely!
    I just started my new blog and I would love to know your opinion about it! 🙂

  • Lovely!

    O. R. R.

  • I love the way you make your legs loog longer in photos! For a moment, I thought you are actually wearing heels! I had to scroll through these photoss to realise that yor boots are actually flat!


  • absolutely love this dress ; everything is perfect about it. And with those boots, you just added some Jane Birkin meets Miranda Kerr-magic to it !

  • Bianca D.

    I really love those boots. And the dress is so girly, so you.

  • Amazing photos!!!! I love it :))))

  • Cute girly dress.

  • Anonymous

    Where? Where you bought these charming stocking boots, which drive me crazy, so much time?

  • Damn!♥

  • Marie

    Love your shoes. Your post was adorable.