On one of my previous posts, the one with the Marni x H&M skirt and Romwe blouse (HERE), someone left a comment saying something like “It is not right to wear dots on dots”. That is why I would like to specify, to all my old and new readers: I do not obbey any rules in fashion. I dress the way I want, if you like it, I am really happy, if you don’t, none is forcing you to visit my blog. Just please, don’t write things like “it is not right to wear it like that”, “you can not wear it like that” or “i don’t like those shoes”, because that shows nothing more than your limited intelligence and imagination  of style and life in general. I dress for myself and share my outfits with you, but I do not seek to wear what someone else says in order to be liked by everyone. 🙂
Fashion is no Law. It is very subjective, and in my opinion none can ever tell you what you can and what you can not wear, because it’s all your decision, and that’s what I love so much about this industry. 

Christian Louboutin shoes
blazer thanks to Queen’s Wardrobe
boyfriend jeans from Asos
Mango blouse
vintage scarf
Zara belt
Yves Saint Laurent clutch

  • The mixture of prints paired with the boyfriend jeans is such a super cute look!http://www.TheFancyTeacup.com

  • You’re so right and I agree with you. Fashion is fun and aform of self expression so nobody should point a finger at no one for no reason. Of you want to wear all the colors of the rainbow in your outfit, then you should, as long as you’re havin fun and feeling comfortable. I really like your jeans and blazer! http://lartoffashion.blogspot.com

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    Doina,I absolutely agree with what you are saying!To me, fashion is about taking things and making them your own. There shouldn’t be any “rules” that we have to follow in fashion. Fashion should be fun and crazy and whatever we want to make it.To the person that posted that comment, I have only one thing to say. If you have nothing nice to say, please don’t say it.I would just like to say that all of your outfits are absolutely amazing! I love coming onto your blog to find inspiration for my own outfits and just to see the gorgeous pictures you post. Please continue to put up these great pictures of you in beautiful outfits.No matter what, I will always be a fan and an avid follower of yours!~Atheaceofheartsa.blogspot.com

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    Sorry for commenting again but I realized that I forgot to say something earlier.This blazer is too cute! The pink and the dog print combine to make me thing of spring and pretty girls walking their dogs in the park wearing adorable outfits :DThat clutch is also super pretty. It looks like it’s the perfect size for carrying all the basics you need for the day!~Atheaceofheartsa.blogspot.com

  • those shoes!!! love!

  • I’m totally agree with you, fashion has to be bold, and that’s what you were in your last post with the Marni for H&M skirt and your Romwe blouse, that’s why I LOVE that post, but this post is AMAZING, my favorite cause’ your opinion about the fashion is gorgeous and it’s so you, so special and I love that you have your own style and you’re not caring if anyone don’t like it, because if you feel good with your style is what matters, is what I love about this post.Moving on, I LOVE your jeans, are awesome, are big and amazing, the blazer well…without words, I really like it and the way you use it the scarf is perfect, love the prints of both the blazer and the scarf. And those Christian Louboutin shoes are so perfect, you’ve used before and I always love the way you use them, I really like a lot those shoes.Sorry if I have any mistake, still practicing my english. Thanks for being and excellent blogger.Regards, Mariana.

  • I absolutely love that you stand by wearing what you want and not what you “should wear”, it creates a unique style that is amazing!emilylanestyle.blogspot.com

  • lovely combination!Polly with love)follow)

  • I like how you tucked the scarf into your jeans. I thought it was a blouse at first look.

  • loving the outfit!!http://www.aroundlucia.comhttp://www.aroundlucia.com

  • Anonymous

    Could you please, for once, smile? You’re a pretty girl, but what’s up with all the pouting? That being said, the idea of this outfit is good, however the jeans are ill-fitting.. I guess that tends to happen with clothes ordered online.

  • You are the one who can show each one that a “casual” outfit can still be very amazing… great match with your jeans and Louboutin high heels…CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN OR 600 US$ GIFT VOUCHER GIVEAWAYVan – PureGlam.tv / Bloglovin / Facebook

  • Anonymous

    that anonymous person is a fool, boyfriend jeans are meant to be slouchy and she is smiling in one photo. i love your combinations and sense of unique style, keep up the good work!Jordan xx

  • I agree with every word you say! Fashion is a feeling and it’s not about following anyone’s rules! Sometimes I get such comments as well but don’t let those people hurt you. You wear what you want and you absolutely always look stunning!XoXoPlamihttp://www.fashionthrill.com/

  • Yess, indeed! Rules are made to break them! I just love when somebody wears something else than the rest of the crowd! Further the boyfriend jeans look really good on you!

  • Gorgeous print clash!

  • I love your clutch and shoes :)cutey giveaway♥mfashionfreak

  • that outfit that you were talking about, is one of my absolute favourite from your blog. i find it incredibly beautiful…that blue skirt and the blouse fit perfectly together, so it seams that fashion really is a subjective thing as well as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • I’ll write one thing now and I hope everybody here will undesrstand correctly my thought I want to deliver you. Everything is ok in the text but I would not say about limitations of intelligence of some other person no matter how this person hurt me. Limits of intelligence is something that people with chronical diseases of brain may have, or some maniacs who kill people, or somebody who abuses everybody with rude words without reason… But when people say something about the style of another person in clothes, way of life and habits, don’t hurry to say them stupid, fools or people who have no intelligence. Doina wrote that she has her style and doesn’t obey something in fashion. Let’s remember that the same right all other people have and that person just expressed his (or her) point of view and that point of view doesn’t say about lack of style or, moreover says about his (or her) weak intelligence. That point of view just hasn’t coincided with somebody’s else and that’s all. The author of that comment didn’t want to hurt Doina, I think… Where is the reason here to call that “It-is-not-right-to-wear-dots-on-dots” author or anybody else, who has different point of view, a person with “limited intelligence”? Nowhere! Did this person when leaving this remark, call the blog owner with bad names or words? No, he (she) didn’t! And it’s not always the question of limited imagination or style, as well. It is all about differencies in points of view. Somebody likes dots on dots, and somebody doesn’t. And they both have their right to express their opinion. Nothing else here.

  • Forgot to say one thing: your styl is nice and cute and beautiful, though I, for example, choose some different clothes =)))Good luck to you. Be happy!

  • couldn’t agree more!in fact, I always love what you wear!<3

  • i WANT your shoes !!!

  • Anonymous

    no, this is pretty obvious.. why should you write an entire blog post explaining this, its better to ignore comments like that, I guess you are very sensitive and those dummies don’t deserve your attention…

  • So stylish! Love it! :)http://www.diary-of-mia.blogspot.com

  • Love your blazer !!!http://cuteredbow.blogspot.com

  • cool jeans 🙂

  • Great look!Love those big boyfriend jeans!xoxohttp://www.natashafatah.blogspot.com

  • well said and I love this outfit btw its great, your an amazing talented person and I love following your blog so don’t let anyone ever get to you!

  • That’s really well said and I agree!You have the most amazing style and I love how you are not afraid to play with different fabrics and prints.Love this outfit.xhttp://www.shades-of-style.com

  • Bri

    I personally love mixing prints!Have fun with your clothes and don’t worry about what other people think.xx

  • Anonymous

    In cazul acesta,sa ne imbracam toti asa:http://i40.tinypic.com/16anzgg.jpg ,daca tot nu exista reguli in moda.Daca am critica genul asta de tinuta,inseamna ca avem “limited intelligence and imagination of style and life in general”?Post-ul acesta mi se pare cea mai slaba scuza pe care puteai sa o gasesti pentru a justifica alegerea unei tinute.P.S:Data viitoare,pentru a ne demonstra ca imaginatia ta nu cunoaste limite,si debordezi de creativitate si inteligenta,sa ne incanti cu o tinuta de genul asta http://www.concreteloop.com/images/2006/trinap2.jpg,ca doar nu moda nu cunoaste reguli,nu?

  • Mia

    Doina, sunt de acord cu tine, moda nu se bazeaza pe anumite legi. Dar trebuie sa accepti toate opiniile, nu poti sa ii interzici unei persoane dreptul de a spune “nu imi plac acesti pantofi”. nu e nimic rau in asta. succes in continuare 😉

  • Draga Anonim, nu mă deranjează persoana din poza. E adevărat ca nu s-a încadrarea in limitele estetice, eu insa pe calea aia nu merg. Dar daca vrea sa se-mbrace in felul acesta, poftim, n-am nimic împotriva, am destule probleme in viața decat sa am grija de cum se îmbracă toți si sa-mi impun dorintele. Referitor la postare, cine a spus ceva de scuza? Cred ca m-ai confundat cu cineva, eu nu aduc scuze si nu mă indreptatesc pentru felul in care mă îmbracă si trăiesc, e alegerea mea si atita timp cât nu încalcă Drepturile omului, legea stabilită de stat si normele estetice, am de ce sa-mi cer scuze doar de la părinți, si nimeni altcineva 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Nu am folosit cuvantul “scuza” cu sensul propriu,ci cu sensul de justificare,pretext.

  • Despre justificare si vorbeam. Si ca sa fie clar, intotdeauna sunt deschisa spre critica constructiva, argumentata si subsemnata, caci fiecare devine foarte curajos atunci cand se asunde dupa titlul de “Anonim” 🙂

  • I love your boyfriend jeans, the whole outfit looks lovely:)Xx

  • Sandra

    Nu este vorba de curajul dat de titlul de “Anonim”,este vorba de faptul ca nu am fost atenta ca exista si optiunea de a semna cu numele,plus ca nu detin conturi acceptate pentru logare.Deci iata ca a disparut misterul!:)

  • yes you don’t have tojust stick to your beliefi think every blogger shouldWe all love fashion and it’s cool that we can play in any way we want :)pink.lemon.in.crystal

  • I totally agree with you, in fashion there aren’t any rules!And this outfit is great!AlessiaTHE CHILI COOLFACEBOOK

  • Amazing outfit! 🙂 xfashion is for idiots [like us]

  • you are right!!! the best thing about fashion right now and is that there really are no rules. it you can make it work weather its “dots on dots” which I think is amazing if you can pull that off then go right ahead!!! People have this idea that fashion or looking good is one type of style or look. that is wrong. have fun with fashion, experiment. Your style is amazing!!!http://jenalyenns.blogspot.ca

  • Great jeans!!!I realy like it!!!:)))

  • great words..you are right! nice outfit btw i want your shoes :DD

  • Anonymous

    Ce titlu bun,si de invatatura buna!Te imbraci absolut frumos,si cei ce te critica n-au gusturi! 🙂

  • Mia

    am o surpriza pentru tine

  • I agree that the person who left that comment probably had a “limited intelligence and imagination of style and life in general.” But at the same time, no one has to like what we wear. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Honestly, I won’t let something as insignificant and petty as a negative comment on my clothing bother me.If someone believes that you shouldn’t be wearing something in a certain way or that they don’t like your clothes…OH WELL! Like you said, you don’t seek to be liked by everyone and that fashion is VERY SUBJECTIVE. In all honesty, I am OK with not everyone liking my style. Oh, well. That’s life.Anyways, I think it’s awesome how you totally face-slapped whoever wrote that comment by mixing similar prints anyways. Haha, nice.And, again, Doina, just don’t let that stuff bother you. It’s not even that important.

  • Doina

    Doina, vreau sa-ti spun ca dupa parerea mea look-ul anterior ,cel cu buline, este unul din preferatele mele si chiar mi-a atras atentia prin expresivitatea de culori si forme geometrice! In plus sunt de parere ca esti o presoana curajoasa si ai un gust rafinat. tine-o tot asa!!

  • Anonymous

    Are you afraid of critics Doina ? ;)Say somebody lacks og intelligence just because he/she judged your style (I think outfit is better) bad is so childish. I think everybody here (at least those who are really into fashion) understand that fashion is something individual and all about singularity. So don’t be so agressive and smile. 90% of your readers love your style, why pay attention to others in such agressive way ?

  • the look seems great between the whole masculine silouettes! i adore it! we posted about streetstyle in munich, come on & check it out!http://justorys.blogspot.de/

  • Love the print on print ensemble!Arratheprincessonthebrink.blogspot.com

  • wow what a soap opera! Doina has great style and puts together beautiful outfits…but seriously, if someone said anything about your outfit just brush it off…who ever made history by following the rules?! look at all the great designers/fashion influencers they’ve all made their statements that at the time might have been ridiculed. p.s. Doina I dont mean to be offensive, but i think you overreacted a lil

  • sara

    totally agree with maria. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That definitely does not mean they have “limitations of intelligence”. Now, THAT is a bit over the line. I think Doina should welcome criticism, yet doesn’t need to agree or oblige to them. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. No need to take things too seriously y’know.

  • so beautiful!kissFashion review

  • Jeaninne

    Ar trebui sa accepti si critici din partea cititorilor tai,poate uneori le place cum te imbraci,iar alteori nu…si atunci li se pare ca e cazul sa ti atraga atentia.Nu toti care iti vizualizeaza blogul o fac pentru ca te admira,poate o fac din curiozitate.Si daca stai bine sa te gandesti cititorii te au facut atat de cunoscuta asa ca nu mai dovedi o atitudine atat de ostila in fata criticilor,ar trebui sa i lasi sa vorbeasca iar tu sa continui sa te imbraci cum iti place 🙂

  • amazing outfit I love all your are waring and how you are waring it!from Venice…http://silviainvenice.blogspot.it/

  • I am explaning, one more time. I wasn’t talking about only that particular comment, and I DO ACCEPT CRITICISM, when it is constructive, motivated, reasonable and not anonymously written :)Thank you all for your feedback, I appreciate that you read what I write

  • Anonymous

    de mai mult timp iti urmaresc blogul…pentru ca iti admir tinutele!! sunt unele de care pur si simplu m-am indragostit. Perfecte, nu alta! feminine si gentile! combinatii extraordinare care m-am inspirat si pe mine. nu vreau sa te superi, insa de la o vreme…ai devenit cam…extremista (daca pot sa zic asa). sunt de acord ca nu exista reguli in fashion.. si totusi…nu mi se pare ca jeansii dati s-ar potrivi cu pantofii pe toc (care ar merge mai mult la o rochie). Sunt stiluri total diferite.poate nu am dreptate… (cu stima, Amanda)

  • Anonymous

    i totally agree with you. for me, you’re one of the best bloggers.. i love always your outfits and you style!!

  • Draga Amanda, ba din contra, sa stii ca mi-a placut mult ceea ce ai spus! Te inteleg perfect, multi nu ar alege o astfel de tinuta, insa eu incerc sa abordezi diverse stiluri, sport, casual, masculin, dintr-o latura mai feminina. Din acest motiv, la boyfriend jeans am adaugat anume acesti pantofi , care imi par cei mai sensuali/feminini si sexuali pantofi din toti cei ce pot exista, pentru a contrazice putin ideea unui look absolut boyfriend.

  • Hey Doina I was wondering if you speak french? don’t you?

  • what it is not right is to be like everyone else or do what the others expect you to do..i love your blog exactly because i see ideas about styling i would never think on my own..you are interesting, undefinable and you keep surprising me every single time i visit your blog..thank you 🙂

  • This outfit is classic and timeless.Your printed peach blazer is amazing, and I love how your paired it with a printed navy scarf!Those colours surprisingly work so well together!At first glance I thought the prints were identical..Love how you wore boyfriend blazer and jeans, but made it look so chic with the clutch and Louboutins!You have such an amazing style!

  • hello dear amazing modern stylish looks , lets friend , fashionablegarret.blogspot.com

  • Sophie

    Aaaah! This is such an awesome look! I love your pigalles! And you are so right, don’t dress for anyone else but yourself! 🙂

  • I personally respect you a lot , because you can definitely pull off the outfits that a lot of people wouldn’t even dare to try. -P.Bowtie Diary

  • she says she accepts criticism but she’s far from telling the truth. Criticism doesn’t need to be constructive whatsoever, or even signed. Everyone has the right to say whatever they want without motivating it or giving any reasons, and that is for the simple fact that everyone has different taste and nobody owes anyone any explanation of their preference. If I say your outfit looks bad/horrible, this is my opinion and I am not forced or asked to give any explanation. It is simply the way I see the outfit. I look at it and if I don’t like it, then I don’t like it and that’s it. And viceversa. People are not asked to motivate what they don’t like naturally/visually.so doina, be nice and accept bad and good comments. There is no need to delete those comments which you don’t like because we all know you do it. Stop being scared of rude/bad comments, everyone has the right to experess whatever they think. You made this blog for what? to expect people to look at it and express their opinions – so let them do that!Regarding the outfit with dots, yes – I totally dislike it just because you look like clown in. Less is more, isnt that the main principle we are taught? 🙂

  • Draga Alexander (care cred ca nu e numele tau adevarat), ma simt flatata pentru ca ti-ai pierdut atit timp pe blogul meu si apoi pe crearea unui profil, pentru a te intoarce apoi pe blogul meu si a lasa comentarii, chiar daca alea sunt lipsite de orice semn de inteligenta. P.s. cred ca ar trebui sa revizui factele inainte de-a le arunca in vant, ce comentariu nu ti-am postat? 🙂

  • You are so right! I used to get comments like that too but I didn’t care about such comments since fashion is not based on rules. good attitude, my dear!!http://www.antoniaivana.blogspot.com

  • Anonymous

    Atat de gingasa <3 like you :PINXS – Beautiful Girl 4 you :))))(inlove )(c) maybe your favorite Anonymous….