Human Obsessions.


Every human has his/her hidden obsessions, things they would always desire and never get tired of…

Well, as I am an ordinary human just like everyone else, I’ve got my weaknesses as well.

My biggest obsessions:
shoes & books…. (well ok and Ferrari, but that’s not the point!)

A few days ago, I created a poll on my Facebook blog page, asking what you would like to see on my blog. The result actually turned to be just the one I had expected- “my 2012 shoe collection”… No wonder, everybody loves shoes!! 
It took me hours to arrange the shoes and edit the photos, but I truly hope you are gonna like them, as it’s something different from what I usually do…

So here is a sneak-peek of the full post. Stay updated to see the whole collection of the shoes that I’ve bought in the past 7 months!

  • Those are just gorgeous!~Natasha Fatah~~Natasha Fatah~

  • they are just amazing!!Have a nice day dear!FASHION REVIEWFASHION REVIEWFASHION REVIEW

  • so beautiful! xx

  • wow! love the shoes!!

  • Can’t wait to see all the shoes!!! I love shoes as well lol

  • very beautiful shoes!<3FASHION PHILOSOPHY

  • Those shoes are amazing!xx

  • SM

    I loe these shoes!

  • Love love love!

  • Charlotte Olympia is my favorite shoe designer right now! I love some of the quirky designs. I recently got a pale pink pair with pom poms on top!xxks

  • You have to do one look in Audrey’s style

  • Anonymous

    i’m looking forward to see the post!

  • Yay for shoes!I’m so excited to see your shoe collection. Every single one of your outfits features an amazing pair of shoes so I’m sure you must have a gajillion gorgeous pairs. I can’t wait to see more pictures that are just as amazing as this one!Audrey Hepburn+gorgeous Charlotte Olympia heels+amazing mask= I think I’m in love. But be warned, if you post your entire shoe collection, I may get jealous and feel the need to fly to Moldova so I can share your collection! Heehee :D~Alicetheaceofheartsa.blogspot.comP.S. From what I can tell, your book collection seems pretty impressive as well. Books are one of m obsessions as well so I would love to some of the books you own! 🙂

  • cant wait!!xx,

  • Love this vibrant colour, so stunning! x

  • Wow gorgeous shoes, something to be said for a red stiletto!

  • cant wait to see them all :)

  • Love Audrey! 🙂 This is fabulous.Love, Jenae.

  • I am so glad to find out that someone so stylish can be so interested in books! It is important to improve your mind, as well as your appearence….as it is very important to know how to speak, and this you can only learn by reading alot! We have even similar tastes in books!…:)and I love shoes any girl… simply adore your blog, it is so inspiring!All the bestAna from

  • Eirene.

    I would like to read a post about your favourite books, genres and authors)