How to Wear Menswear.

London, England

Reiss men’s suit / Asos boyfriend shirt (similar HERE) / Adidas Stan Smith shoes

Staying true to my love for the half-masculine style… I mean, how can I not when this suit is so absolutely insanely amazing?? I spotted it during a trip to the Reiss shop in the men’s section; and even though trying it on made everyone stare at me thinking “this girls has gone  lalalala”, since the pants were quite big and baggy, in my mind I had the perfectly clear image of how it should/would look.

And voilà!

Thanks to the awesome tailors Reiss has, my dream that seemed so strange at the moment turned into reality, and I’m excited to share the result of a men’s suit worn by a woman. Did someone say it’s not possible? Send them a link to my blog and I’ll have a different talk with them.

doina ciobanu half masculine-30     doina ciobanu half masculine-34

doina ciobanu half masculine-19


doina ciobanu half masculine-35      doina ciobanu half masculine-33

doina ciobanu half masculine-16

doina ciobanu half masculine-22  doina ciobanu half masculine-24

doina ciobanu half masculine-20  doina ciobanu half masculine-28

doina ciobanu half masculine-29

doina ciobanu half masculine-36

Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • Wow you look so cool! Love the suit!

    xx Mira

  • You rock this mens suit better than any man!

  • Amazing outfit! loved how you paired it with smeakers <3


  • really great look!

  • I love the color!

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  • Jenny Fleur

    Doina you look great!I love your outfits and style.Kisses

  • Елена

    Я очень люблю этот взгляд,ты выглядишь великолепно!!

  • such a cool look!

  • fantastic!!!

  • Love this suit, but I’d wear heels with it, to make it look more feminine 🙂

  • so perfect!

  • that cobalt blue looks amazing on you! I often wear my boyfriend shirts, love masculin items!
    kisses from a Romanian….. :))

  • I love the idea of dressing masculine. It’s sexy in an understated way x

  • Lara

    I really like this look.Love it!!

  • Camelia


  • Rox

    I don’t know why (maybe because I knew it from the beginning that it was a men suit) but to me it looks kinda weird…especially the pants…
    I like the idea of wearing something from “the men department” but I’m still not sure about this…:)

  • Piia

    So creative, love that idea! Tailoring really needs to be cherished more these days.
    Bowtie Diary