How To Never Need New Clothes.

London, England

Uniqlo turtleneck sweater (similar HERE) / Reiss men’s blazer (similar HERE) / MaxMara belt (similar HERE) / Designers Remix SS15 skirt (similar HERE and HERE)  / Burberry jacket (similar HERE) / Gianvito Rossi shoes  

For all those ladies out there who struggle with outfit choices, or lack of new pieces flowing through the doors of their wardrobe, here is an excellent trick to staying cool on a minimum budget. Go through your boyfriend’s/dad’s/brother’s closet and steal  e v e r y t h i n g .  Obviously with the intention of returning it all safely the following day.

  1. oversized blazers with skinny black jeans;
  2. oversized blazers with a thick waist belt and full length skirt;
  3. oversized blazers with a thin waist belt and mini leather skirt;
  4. oversized white shirt with skinny blue jeans;
  5. oversized white shirt tucked inside boyfriend blue jeans + massive necklace + heels;
  6. oversized waistcoat with a white turtleneck jumper and slim flared trousers; 
  7. +∞  other ways to implement menswear into your wardrobe.


Embrace your boyish side with all the courage! This is the start of your “half-masculine” obsession, which unfortunately I haven’t yet found a cure for.

 masculine oversized-6

masculine oversized-24

masculine oversized-10

masculine oversized-27

masculine oversized-22

masculine oversized-3

masculine oversized-25

masculine oversized-13

masculine oversized-2

  • very nice post !

  • Totally agree with you! Thanks for sharing your tips)
    And I’m in love with your outfit!

  • Really cool look!

  • as always. stunning from head to toe

  • Perfect <3

  • Bianca

    Woooow awesome post. Really great ideas and cool pictures. You are beautiful as always.
    Kisses, Bianca

  • waw. fantastic look. LOVE it

  • I love oversize jackets <3

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  • Epic layering skills

  • To be honest, that blazer looks a bit too mannish on you, but you look so great nevertheless. That amazingly flowy skirt and those stunning heels do their job at keeping you 100% feminine.
    Thanks for the styling tips 🙂
    Bowtie Diary


  • wow! so gorgeous!

  • You are very pretty Doina! look so cool!
    Its nice when your boyfriend/bro/daddy is a small or medium size…. but if he is an XXL sizing))). Then its not so stylish….

  • Inna

    There is nothing worse in fashion than poor tailoring…unfortunately this is how looks menswear on women. Quite honestly I don’t understand the obsession with menswear. I stand for equal rights between women and men, but there are things that are meant to be worn by men and other by women. Have you ever seen a truly fashionable man wearing a dress or a skirt borrowed from his girlfriend’s closet ?
    Also, I don’t believe in the argument “there are no rules in fashion”, because when a piece of clothing poorly fits, it looks like you’re trying to make a point, in that case a clear feminist one.

    Honestly Doina, I love your blog, but there are much more beautiful looks you posted here….

    Cheers from Paris

  • I’ve been obsessed with these lace ups but I couldn’t find my size in anywhere 🙁

    Realy like to idea of this gorgeous look

  • Kate

    Love the post , however you should keep your hair lengtht above the shoulders, long hair is not your thing xo

  • Valeria

    Doina asteptam cu mare drag noi postari video.
    Colectia ta integrala de incaltaminteee, gentiii, secretele unei siluete de vis si a unui par superb!

  • cool outfit! you look amazing!

  • You look great! love that outfit xx