The Italian Edition or how to dress like an icon.




Every single year, when summer starts showing signs of heat I go through the same phase: rewatching Malena, fruits, desire to swim and eat endless amounts of pasta. And every year I repeat to myself that I need to finally take a DNA test and trace my Italian ancestors as I’m an obvious Italian at heart and even in appearance.

But until the DNA test proves me right I’ll have to satisfy myself by adapting a Monica Bellucci style for warm weather. As I’ve gone through so many phases of analysing movies like Malena, La Ciociara, Ostinato Destino, Ieri, Oggi, Domani and many others, I’ve put together a little “Italian Woman” starter pack with a few little key pieces you’ll need to join the wave. Italian women keep it simple but ultra feminine and sexy,  think great underwear, simple but revealing enough dresses either through their cuts or their shapes, minimal jewellery, retro heels.





Photography: Daniel Dykes

  • Tina Ugarkovic

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the photos and the style 🙂 Also have made the similar post on my blog on Italian fashion style and featured some of the pieces (If you want to check it out it is You are deff my favourite fashion blogger and I follow you on Instagram, always pleasantly surprised with your authenticity, creativity and simply your sweet persona. Big hug from Croatia :*

  • Thank you so much, will definitely check it out. Actually my parents are in Croatia now and I’m super jealous of them, everything looks so stunning!

  • Exquisitely beautiful … love ❤️ love this post. Fabulous as always! 🙂

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  • So beautiful!

  • Louis Dupond

    Fantastic pictures!

  • fatou diaw

    Why so stunning! I look this look.

  • could you be anymore gorgeous??? Yes you can!!!! Love it ! Superba ca intotdeauna Doina, un example de feminism!

  • Valentina Rossi

    one on my fav post, great ph!

  • Asha

    I LOVE THIS SHOOT!!! I love the nostalgia of 1960s Italy that you brought to life in this shoot!! Love the editing as well of the lemon overlays and collage additions!!!!




  • Beautiful as always x