It’s All About The Boots.

London, England

Topshop shirt / Zara skirt (similar HERE) / choker necklace / Brioni fur vest (similar HERE) / Reiss hat / Stella McCartney high thigh boots (similar HERE) / Mango coat / Givenchy bag 

There was a time when I used to look at people living in cities like Paris or London and never go around the city discovering new places.

I could never fully understand how could someone live in such beautiful big cities, full of history, art, culture, yet never be bothered to explore them. On that part becoming a Londoner (or Parisienne as a matter of fact) was the worst thing  that’s ever happened to my romantic dreamer self. It took turning off my email notifications on my phone, and taking a self-proclaimed “short break” (not that I ever fully do it); and a very convincing mother, who brings up all those sleepless nights she spent because of your non-stop crying at the age of 1, as soon as I reject her touristic suggestions.

As a part of the saying “no” while thinking “yes” generation, I did end up enjoying her plans very much…

doina ciobanu thigh high boots-3

doina ciobanu thigh high boots-11

doina ciobanu thigh high boots-18

doina ciobanu thigh high boots-14

doina ciobanu thigh high boots-9

doina ciobanu thigh high boots-21

doina ciobanu thigh high boots-29

doina ciobanu thigh high boots

doina ciobanu thigh high boots-17

doina ciobanu thigh high boots-16


  • The booties look so rad!

    xx Mira

  • fantastic look!

  • You look so stylish! Absolutely love everything you are wearing. Perfect!

  • Amazing look,kisses.

  • this is way toooo good !!! head to toe

  • Nicolene Richards

    Pretty awesome pair of boots, very beautifully styled. Awestruck with your style.

  • great outfit!

  • It’ all about your style,and your style is so cool!!


  • beautiful look!

  • Stunning coat and otk boots!

  • In love with this look, a masculine look with a lot of sexy femininity especially with those boots! just gorge x


  • Stunning! I adore the layering and the style!

  • Those boots are amazing and I love the hat!

  • This look is beyond perfection! xx

  • nat

    beautiful beautiful outfit i love it!
    i was travelling across europe recently and wondered to myself if residents ever do the touristy stuff that we were doing, i guess with tourists everywhere it’ll be a bit annoying for residents haha

  • what an amazing look Doina … Great boots , coat , hat, bag … you’re simply amazing

  • I love your coat

  • Ольга

    Очень,очень класссссно!Ты такая аристократка и у тебя самый лучший стиль❤️

  • Amazing! Love the boots

  • That skirt is my favourite bit of the outfit! But overall, I love that navy styling.
    Bowtie Diary