Holidays with Canon.


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From my Facebook and Instagram, many of you already know that the past week I’ve spent at home with my family, studying, writing my exams, and trying to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Here and there, I’ve been trying to capture some moments I can look at when I’m far from my family, and feel warm and loved again. It still fascinates that a little “black box” can give us picturized memories. We usually don’t realize how much photos have changed and are still changing our lives. I’m a very nostalgic person, and when a strong melancholy takes over, I tend to look at small things like souvenirs or postcards that I got from my beloved ones, and photos. A lot of photos. In my phone you’d find photos of old photos, photos I’d never publish, photos with my sister, family, friends. Photos mean so much to me it’s seriously not funny. I can cry, laugh, feel anxious, exuberant, inspired, happy, loved, and all of those I get from pictures that represent my past and present, to which I don’t have access at the moment.

This is exactly why I have been so eager about taking photos at home. That couldn’t have been done without the smallest DSRL in the world, Canon 100 D. This cute little camera is so comfortable and so perfect for family use, you seriously don’t want to touch your big 5D anymore. Really happy I have it before holidays, so that I can enjoy what taking photos, without carrying a few kilos of photo technology, feels like.
Hope you enjoy your Sunday!
Doina x

  • nice pics 🙂 look so cozy

  • I would love to have one too 😀

    xx Mira

  • so cute!

  • Laura

    Ce poze dragute!!

  • Thia Padilla

    Great pictures…We can see how happy you are these days with your family.. =D

  • Your sis is adorable x