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I am a typical ‘hair addicted’ girl, who doesn’t only desire long, burned and unhealthy hair, but takes
care and loves it. Especially it is really difficult during summer and winter, because either the sun or
the wind and low temperatures are its enemies. I have chosen Newton, produced in Baden-Baden, Germany,
that feeds my hair with vitamins and minerals. I want to thank them for sending these two sets as a gift to me
and my mom! It doesn’t only include the basic champoo and balsam, but also a special cream against
hair  loss and pills that protect and strengthen not only your hair, but also nails.
The brand can be found both in Romania and Moldova, so if you are seeking for a hair treatment,
this is the one I suggest!

Sediul din Chișinău se află pe strada Miorița 88, of 28
Cele din România pot fi găsite AICI

Doina x

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  1. Rachel   |     |   Reply

    All of this hair stuff looks amazing – but I want that iPad :D

  2. Аня   |     |   Reply

    Doina, можно ли заказать их в Россию?

  3. Giedre   |     |   Reply

    whats inside?

  4. CHOCAROME   |     |   Reply

    wow, you’re so lucky! these products look amazing!with love,your opinion is VERY important for me!

  5. Paula.   |     |   Reply

    ooh that’s a very cute blog i love it now i follow you xoxo

  6. kiperek   |     |   Reply

    ja tez dbam o swoje włosy ;)zapraszam

  7. Nee   |     |   Reply

    the photos look great:)Love,NeeROSECANDLE11

  8. lucia m   |     |   Reply

    love it!!http://www.aroundlucia.comhttp://www.aroundlucia.com

  9. Maria   |     |   Reply

    We always need good hair stuff.Kisses !

  10. Sophia   |     |   Reply

    Great, i have to try it :D

  11. Constance Murphy   |     |   Reply

    Sound like the perfect hair product!

  12. Michelle Lee   |     |   Reply

    sounds amazing products!New Post: Do-It-Yourself colorful nails!

  13. Hair Loss Products   |     |   Reply

    Hey this product seems to be very nice, but if there is ipad free on it then i would surely but it.. ha hahair loss products.

  14. Helena Rotaru   |     |   Reply

    Love it..Your blog is amazing.Visite me..

  15. Helena Rotaru   |     |   Reply

    Love it..Your blog is amazing.Visite me..

  16. florencia   |     |   Reply

    Hi, Newton is really I’ve tried them before and it’s really good for the hair. I’d love to have more of this again rather than going to expensive hair salon prices.