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I don’t know about you, but I have always admire the horse riding style. Black, camel or white leggings with
high massive brown boots, aristocratic jackets or blouses and of course, a riding helmet.
It has always amazed, how beautiful can someone look during an active sport, but the riders somehow
manage to keep a perfect image and inspire a lot of desigers and big fashion houses like Hermes,
to create a whole fashion trend. I used some elements for an easy walk to my favorite cafe in the city,
for an interview for Marie Claire Romania.

Ralph Lauren blouse, Massimo Dutti leggings, Romwe coat, Diva bag by Roberto Cavalli,
Louis Vuitton boots


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  1. Jo   |     |   Reply

    Your coat is such a pretty colour! <3 and I love it paired with the stripes!xEnter my dress giveaway – Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  2. Fenny   |     |   Reply


  3. Julia   |     |   Reply

    nice coat!

  4. Sophia   |     |   Reply

    I love your coat <3 Beautiful outfit!

  5. Myrto   |     |   Reply

    You look lovely!!!:)Adore the boots!!xoxo Emphasis♥

  6. la tiquismiquis   |     |   Reply

    and how lovely you look! your boots are just wonderful! <3la tiquismiquis

  7. Violet   |     |   Reply

    i agree with the legging riding look! i have admired it as well and thus is why im on a hunt for a great pair of bootsXXVi from Cali

  8. Tanja van S -   |     |   Reply

    Hard to find words for your look … but it is simply PERFECT / AMAZING / WONDERFUL … love it!Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

  9. Fashion is for idiots [like us]   |     |   Reply

    Pure Beauty, Doina!I totally agree! – the horse riding look is super gorgeous! xfashion is for idiots [like us]fashion is for idiots [like us]

  10. Paula.   |     |   Reply

    ooooooh so lovely coat! te espero en mi nuevo post xx

  11. Ylenia {Ambitieuse}   |     |   Reply

    Those boots are perfect seriously!xAmbitieuse

  12. Joana   |     |   Reply

    I used to ride, so yes, I really love and miss that style :)Hope your interview went well!

  13. The Fancy Teacup   |     |   Reply

    What a beautiful pair of boots, and the coat with the pinstriped blouse are ultra chic. x

  14. Michelle Lee   |     |   Reply

    amazing look :)

  15. Plami   |     |   Reply

    Such a clean and stylish outfit! I absolutely love it!XoXoPlami

  16. Ishara   |     |   Reply

    i really like the boots, thet look very comfy

  17. Giedre   |     |   Reply

    you are so lucky..!

  18. Olly   |     |   Reply

    like your shirt and coat!!so nice!!

  19. PFashion   |     |   Reply

    Un look simplu și curat! Îți stă foarte bine :)

  20. Elena Martínez Bengoechea   |     |   Reply

    glam working girl !Check out my blog:

  21. Natalie Suarez   |     |   Reply

    super amazing!! LOVE IT!

  22. lucia m   |     |   Reply

    LOVE IT!!http://www.aroundlucia.com

  23. Antonia-Ivana   |     |   Reply

    I simply fell in love with your great bag.

  24. WearAbouts   |     |   Reply

    awesome coat and i absolutely adore those riding boots! <3 Rory

  25. Cymone   |     |   Reply

    Beautiful coat, bag, boots, blouse EVERYTHING! hehe…you great hun, i love the simple yet clean look :)

  26. Wadziie   |     |   Reply

    amazing look you got love the tan coat ♥

  27. Nee   |     |   Reply

    beautiful outfit and also easy to wear to school/work, perfect:)Love,NeeROSECANDLE11GIVEAWAY: GOLD/PINK STATEMENT NECKLACE

  28. Bri   |     |   Reply

    Love the preppy, equestrian feel!xx

  29. Closet Fashionista   |     |   Reply

    I love that coat!!! You look amazing as always :)I love the riding style too, I have some booties like riding boots

  30. Salma   |     |   Reply

    My favourite outfit of yours <3

  31. Deyankova   |     |   Reply

    beautiful look =)

  32. Susann   |     |   Reply

    What a lovely look! I like your bag a lot :)xx, Susann

  33. miikax3   |     |   Reply

    pretty shoes! love your hair :)))XOXO,

  34. FashionFreak/Mihaela   |     |   Reply

    awesome coatmy blog♥new postmfashionfreak

  35. inês   |     |   Reply

    great combination, love! ♥

  36. Nicole/Kayleigh   |     |   Reply

    Beautiful boots!

  37. Jessie   |     |   Reply

    ahh you’re so cute with such cute taste!!

  38. CLPig   |     |   Reply

    love the look!———————-Pigalle PassionsThe biggest CL pigalle spotter site in the world!

  39. Anonymous   |     |   Reply

    Imi place tinuta asta!