The 20th Deja-Vu.

Paris, France

   Zara oversized sweater (similar HERE) / Gianvito Rossi mules / Maurice Lacroix watch / Zara slouchy pants / Balenciaga coatGivenchy Antigona bag / Malvensky necklace 

Those of you who are following me on Instagram already know that my last weekend was spent in Paris, on a double occasion: Easter and my 20th birthday. Actually forget Easter, that’s totally an excuse to get away to spoil myself with a short trip as an “Adult Life” welcoming. Now that’s a Deja-Vu, I recall saying the exact same words two years ago when turning 18, and here I am, two years later, still writing to you, and trying to find a practical excuse for my ageing.

Actually the truth is that it doesn’t really matter if you’re 18, 20, 25, 30. Once you start taking your life seriously and avoid wasting days hanging out because you acknowledge the responsibilities you’ve taken,  everything changes. That happened to me pretty early, which I admit to sometimes regret, as reckless adolescence has its charms, but mostly I’m thankful to life for letting me grow and evolve in the best way imaginable for my personality.

You know how they say it, Easter will be on a different Sunday, my years will be gone, but Paris will always be Paris… ok I am pretty certain that poetry has never been brought to the public by anyone, but watch and remember, as you’ll be the first witnesses of the day Doina started slowly discovering her writing skills.

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Photo: Daniel Dykes


  • hard to believe you’re only 20 🙂 20 years and you did sooo many amazing things, green with envy :))) let’s continue with your huge interesting road 🙂

  • what a pretty outfit!

  • Beautiful classy chic. Love the pants 🙂

    xx Mira

  • Stunning look and photos. Wish I could enter the Mango contest but I can’t on those days. Wanted to have a lot of style advice!!

  • love this outftit!

  • beautiful bag. great look and amazing woman <3


  • Martina

    You look beautiful,and so stylish!The bag is absolutely lovely>3

  • Irene Wilson

    Perfect!!Lovely look!

  • I wonder what’s the secret to those waves even during rainy weather . I remember you once said your natural hair is super straight.

    Anyway, this slouchy, masculine-feminine look definitely reflects the new, 20 year-old Doina, more powerful than ever. I wish you the future you’ve already envisioned for yourself !

  • incredibly beautiful and chic

  • stunning wide trousers!

  • love your hair and the outfit :))

  • Totally in love with your Givenchy!! That patent look is amazing

  • I love reading your posts, they are so sincere and well thought. You are extremely beautiful and smart! xx

  • Adore your bag and saving for the same one in nude color! x

  • perfect dear!!
    for regrats I have exams in #mangoDIY dates!;(

  • Beautiful outfit!

  • if it’s not a green antigona, it’s not at all :))

  • Wow! I had no idea you were only 20, so many wonderful things achieved! Another gorgeous outfit also.

  • Katy

    Love the outfit especially the Balenciaga coat!!

  • Margaret

    Love this look and love your hair!

  • You always have such great backgrounds in you picture.

  • Beautiful! Great pants!

  • The bag combined with these heels is such a gorgeous combination.

  • mandy young

    Gorgeous outfit ,You are extremely beautiful and smart!