You Can’t Eat That.

Jimbaran Bay, Bali

When you first meet Frank, it’s hard to decide what you like most about him. 

Maybe it’s the smell, maybe it’s the hot babes playing with it on Instagram, or it might be the inappropriate cheeky things he says; anyways, you fall in love with him straightaway. Your relationship might have started long ago, when he was still just roasted coffee beans scrubbing away your unattractive body skin like cellulite or stretch marks, covering all the best Aussie bodies in their showers. If so, high five, because you’ve got a desperate fan of the Frank Body world right here; if you’re in confusion because you don’t yet know who Frank is, hold tight! because it won’t take you long to be obsessed with him too.

Today Frank has broken the Internet once again with a brand new face range that has already managed to conquer my heart (seriously, I need some new supplies…). Creamy, natural and caffeinated, it’s just urging to get “all over your face” in order to make your face smooth and glowing by feeding it with some natural oils like rosehip, coconut, grape seed, almond and olive. (Sorry, i will warn you right now, the smell will be unbearably delicious, but try to restrain yourself from EATING THE PRODUCTS)

Now what do you say, are you joining the #LetsBeFrank revolution, babe? 





IMG_9722 2



frank k



IMG_0019 2





frank 2

Photos: Daniel Dykes 

  • you are gorgeous and the photos are breathtaking!

  • Thank you, Georgiana 🙂

  • WOW!

  • Ana-Maria

    OMG Doina, you are perfect !! Can you please, share with us which are your eating habbits ( what are you eating and what not ) and so on 🙂
    Kisses from Romania :* <3

  • alexiada

    Gorgeous, dear Doina! 🙂 How do you keep such a beautiful shape of your
    body? I cannot see cellulite nor stretch marks, how do you manage that?
    Exercise regularly and eating clean? What’ s your secret? Thankieeeees

  • Hey, thanks for your kind words. But don’t be fooled by good light, I still have stretch marks! Unfortunately I can’t really get rid of that forever, no matter how much I work out. But i do think the Frank body scrub is really good for reducing those bits of bad skin a little bit! Regarding exercising, to be honest I have abandoned my works out for about half a year and felt horrible because of that, both mentally and physically. But it was just a time in my life with cold weather and a lot of other worries that I never found time. The warmer it was getting the more motivate I was, so I started working out again, pushing myself to my extremes and trying adding weights into my fitness regime. THAT HELPED SO FAST! I might do a blog post/video about that, because it seems to be something a lot of people are asking me about 🙂

  • Thank you, Ana-Maria. I might actually do a video about it because so many of you are interested xx

  • Michèle

    uhm, perfection!

  • viktoria

    perfect body! so beautiful!

  • Ahhh ce frumoasa esti si ce corpusor superb ai. Abia astept si eu sa ma bronzez macar un pic hehehe. Pupici si multe zambete! Liuba x

  • Lovey Fleming

    You are beyond adorable! love this little narrative and I cannot wait to meet Frank for myself!


  • EM

    awesome post, love the photography and how you positioned the products

  • Well, gotta hit the gym harder now. Looking good! Amazing photos – love how you did the GIF at the end! Nice touch.

  • Thank you, Viktoria, but I’m not even close to perfection, we all have flaws 😀

  • Hey Liuba, merci mult. Sa stii ca eu aici nu sunt deloc bronzata natural (incerc sa evit bronzul natural din motiv ca e super rau pentru piele si provoaca mult mai mult cancer de piele decat ne imaginam noi). Sa incerci un autobronzant uneori, o sa-ti placa, mai ales daca dai de un brand bun. Eu iti recomand ST. Tropez, e absolut fenomenal, ma salveaza de fiecare data cand am un eveniment sau shooting 🙂 Te pup x

  • natalie

    wow your figure is amazing!

    i’ve heard to much about frank body products 🙂


  • Never heard of it before. Gonna check it out though. Really anything with caffeine. 🙂

  • Babe.


  • Haha, thank you. Happy to hear you like the GIF, I’m mega obsessed with them 😀

  • Thanks a lot, so lovely to hear 🙂

  • Thanks a lot. Haha, the narrative turned out quite funny, right? :))

  • I understand you completely. Everything that has coffee is heaven <3

  • Babe yourself :*

  • Tinna Bonya

    Esti nespus de frumoasa,atragi cu personalitatea ta bogata si deschisa,astept cu nerabdare sa te imparti cu noi cum maninci si ce exercitii faci!

  • James Yerg

    Awesome photos and Doina’s Posing is Fabulous !! 🙂