Frankly, I’ve been travelling with another man.

Havana, Cuba


One day Daniel went to Whole Foods which was about 15minutes walk from our hotel. He left in a great mood, his mind was filled with the “fancy” shopping list i’d given him: blue corn nachos, strawberries, 4 green smoothies, coconut water… The usual. However, his good mood didn’t last long. He forgot his wallet and was back 5minutes later after realising it. He opened the room door “Babe” he yelled, but I was nowhere to be found. There was sound of water, I was in the shower. He followed the sound and came into the bathroom and there it was… He’d felt for weeks that I was hiding something, he felt something was wrong, something I wasn’t quite telling him. It was frank.
It had been going on for quite a while now, all behind Daniel’s back; frankly, I’ve been travelling with another man. We sat down and I stared explaining myself. It was hard, he didn’t want to listen. But something changed not long after. “Soft” “hard” and “glowy” turned his head around.
“So this is the reason your body had been looking so good lately?”
“Yes” I admitted.
“And the softness, and the freshness, it’s all him?”
“Yes” said I.
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I thought we don’t have secrets from each other?”
“I wanted to, but I just thought… I just wanted to keep it between me and frank“.
“Are you sure about this?”
“I think so”
And that’s how it started. From New York to Cuba, frank body was always there with me, with us. Slowly slowly Daniel started falling in love with it too. It’s become some sort of tradition. Whenever we shower, frank coffee scrub is always there, and 15mins later the body balm covers my body in delicious coconut scent that hydrates it for hours.

So that’s it. The story of how I’ve been travelling with another man, and there is nothing to judge, because soon you’ll be doing the same thing 😉 It’s called #thefrankeffect 

doina ciobanu frank body cuba 12

doina ciobanu frank body cuba collage 5

doina ciobanu frank body cuba-11

doina ciobanu frank body cuba collage beach

doina ciobanu frank body cuba-8

doina ciobanu frank body cuba collage 3

frank collage routine

doina ciobanu frank body cuba 7

doina ciobanu frank body cuba collage 2

doina ciobanu frank body collage cubadoina ciobanu frank body cuba-9

doina ciobanu frank body cuba collage 4

Photography: Daniel Dykes

Creative direction: Doina Ciobanu

  • Fabulous post! Love the cheeky storytelling and gorgeous photos! And now I must try that scrub…



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    Fenomenale pozele, arati incredibil :*

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    Extremely well written post. Nothing quite like a beautiful woman in a beautiful country.
    Cheers from the south coast of Turkey –

  • Fantastic post! Like in the magazine 🙂

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    wow! gorgeous beauty!

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    You are the great muse ever <3 Love the way you are <3

  • Lovely!!!
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    This is a hilariously perfect post! I adore your pink style and gorgeous photos. Totally getting my own set of Frank!

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    Lovely in pink, love the whole post.

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    These pictures are SO beautiful. Love everything about them!

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  • Such beautiful pictures! I love love looove all the pink.