Four Seasons Jimbaran. Part 1.

Jimbaran Bay, Bali

Heading to Bali I didn’t really know what to expect. I mean, obviously Instagram had set my expectations somewhere in the thermosphere floating amongst satellites, but at the same time from reading so much about my upcoming destination I knew very well that it was going to be one of those places that you can either LOVE or really dislike. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for peace you don’t want to be anywhere near noisy Denpasar; or if you’re looking for fun and young parties, being stuck in the middle of the jungles in an isolated resort would be your nightmare. With that in mind, I still didn’t know what exactly I was expecting from our trip as I wasn’t sure what I was looking for.

Getting off the plane in Bali, the heat really goes straight into your respiratory system making it hard to breathe, but at the same time that struggle to inhale more oxygen somehow pumps up your adrenaline and a few seconds later you’re shaking from excitement. You’re not North anymore. In fact, you’re not even continentally trapped, you’re on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, the idea of the open space gets to your head pretty fast. You make your way through customs to find yourself outside the arrivals with a wall of taxi drivers, each of them trying to convince you to choose them. Luckily, we’re meant to meet someone from Four Seasons here, so we go past the excited for new clients drivers. Too many people around, our hearts are full of excitement so we can’t at all spot the FS board. I approach the Information desk and explain the situation, the kind ladies smile and tell me it happens all the time so they’ll just announce it on the loud speaker. A few seconds later I spot a man dressed fully in white carrying the board I had been looking for. He greets us and takes us to the car where our fresh icy hand towels where waiting for us, together with cold waters and WI-FI. Wait, WHAT?

After about a 20 minutes drive we arrive at the gates with heavy security. We go through and there is a moment of silence. It was then when I started pinching Daniel and making silly childish faces but no noises, trying to stay quiet for the driver.

Not only is Jimbaran Bay the absolute dream location with a stunning view of the sunset, but the hotel itself was stunningly built in a local stone style with little villas spread around the Ocean side of the hill.

I will tell you more about our experience in the second post about our stay at Four Seasons Jimbaran, but for now, I’ll take you on a visual tour of the place…

four seasons jimbaran bali-11


Beautiful Gek Mutiara and Wulan welcoming us at Four Seasons Jimbaran.

four seasons jimbaran bali-12

four seasons jimbaran bali-4

four seasons jimbaran bali-16

four seasons jimbaran bali-25

four seasons jimbaran bali-20


I love hotel villas but what I actually love the most is having a private pool where you can sunbath topless!

four seasons jimbaran bali-8

four seasons jimbaran bali-21


And a hidden outdoor shower you can use naked.

four seasons jimbaran bali_

four seasons jimbaran bali-17


I also love the golf cars that can take you around the huge hotel area. And even more than the cute buggies I love the amazingly friendly staff that drive them. They always have a smile on their faces and are happy to take you through all the details about the hotel (but as you can see, we, Europeans, don’t).

four seasons jimbaran bali-10

four seasons jimbaran bali-6


And breakfast views like this don’t bother me at all, please bring more of these during my trips, my photos will be “dream Tumblr page”.

four seasons jimbaran bali_-12


Or lobby views that look like this.


Evenings at Four Seasons Jimbaran can be spent differently. For instance you can watch the sun set down into the ocean lying on the golden sand, or you can do that while enjoying a tasty dinner and a glass of wine at the Sundara Restaurant.

four seasons jimbaran bali_-2

four seasons jimbaran bali-24


The lovely girls teaching me how to give thanks in Balinese style.

four seasons jimbaran bali-14

four seasons jimbaran bali-5

four seasons jimbaran bali_-7


The Coconut Grove is perfect not just for relaxation with an Aperol Spritz in one hand and book in another, it is also ridiculously Instagramable.

four seasons jimbaran bali_-5
 four seasons jimbaran bali collage

four seasons jimbaran bali-26

four seasons jimbaran bali_-13

Photos: Daniel Dykes
Location: Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay

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