Bringing back the accessories.


Fashion week can be quite hectic and confusing, sometimes making you forget your true preferences, and leading you to both style and time decisions you wouldn’t normally go for. Some people dress up for the sake of dressing up, some for street photographers, some for event photographers, but one thing is for certain, there is tendency amongst women to go for a more Celine/Stella McCartney style. Oversized jumpers, men’s jackets, boyfriend jeans, brogues, suits, plain colours and simple silhouettes.

But in this age when in fashion everything goes towards masculinity and minimalism, how do you keep your inner female? Remember Casino Royale, Eva Green as Vesper, wearing an outfit made of masculine silhouette, the key to her story still remains the jewellery. Being inspired by the Bond girl sexiness, creating my outfit for the busiest day of London Fashion Week, I decided to add a few Folli Follie pieces. The Classy ring and bracelet are an elegant detail, while the Love & Fortune heart bracelet adds a girlish touch, all from the new adorable Folli Follie Autumn Winter collection.

folli follie-30 folli follie-11

folli follie-29

folli follie-19

folli follie-14

folli follie-29

folli follie-18          folli follie-28


Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • You look marvelous. Love the beautiful jewelry!

    xx Mira

  • beautiful and cool

  • woooow !!! what a crazy combo !! crazy but good tho

  • cool look
    love the hat

    e d i o t

  • Sim

    Those patterns and shapes look crazy but I love the result!

  • gorgeous combination of prints!

  • amazing look!

  • Stunning as always! I really loved this look when I saw it on your Instagram!


  • Amazing combo! Love the hat

  • Jenny

    This look so so nice!You are so beautiful and inspiring.

  • great look!