Hiding in the Rain + Contest.


The cold of winter smells different than the heat of summer. Once the thermometer drops below 10* C, the scents of the city are amplified, and your brain starts separating the mulled wine from the fresh pastry; the cars from the train rubber. There is also the London factor. London is a unique phenomenon, it lives in its own pace, under its own rules, creating its own culture. And there is nothing quite as magical as London in the festive season.  

As I make my way through the rainy streets, in search for more ways I can spend money under the Christmas  circumstances, as there is nothing more pleasurable than purchasing little things that bring you happiness. Decorations aside, obviously the end of the year can’t pass without indulging myself with a few chic Folli Follie accessories.

Also, since Christmas is around the corner, Folli Follie is offering you to win the Heart4Heart necklace and bag, as well as the Watchalicious watch that I’m wearing in the post. Excited? Make sure to head to www.follifollie.co.uk/thegoldendiamonds  in order to enter the competition! 

doina ciobanu folli follie_-6

doina ciobanu folli follie text2

doina ciobanu folli follie_-44

doina ciobanu folli follie collage3

doina ciobanu folli follie_-7

doina ciobanu folli follie_-48

doina ciobanu folli follie collage

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doina ciobanu folli follie_-12

doina ciobanu folli follie text3 doina ciobanu ocean doina ciobanu folli follie_-9 doina ciobanu folli follie text

doina ciobanu folli follie_-26


Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • such a lovely set of pictures dear!! love the rainy/cozy atmosphere 🙂

    xx tiphaine | http://www.tiphainesdiary.com

  • Дарья

    Меня всегда вдохновляют твои фотографии!!Очень красиво:)

  • Anabellem

    So cute,love the Christmas spirit in the photos.And the coat is amazing.


  • Adore the red purse!


  • Alexandra

    Esti cu adevarat eleganta, rafinata si frumoasa!!!

  • so beautiful!


  • V

    Nice… Warm and cozy!!!

  • These photos are outstanding and your look is gorgeous!

    Printed or Plain

  • So beautiful Doina, so Classy!


  • the thing that I love mostly on your blog it’s that you’re so different from the 99% from the bloggers! during the time I saw different bloggers trying to copy u (buying your shoes, your bags etc), but you’re unique! there is no way they can copy you!

    I don’t use to hate people, but lately I started to see that some really unispired bloggers are using my words, my ideas, my accesories etc….how should I deal with this? A blog post talking about your experience on this chapter, would be so interesting! btw, I enjoyed a lot the post about haters and how to deal with!
    <3<3<3 Mary

  • Very stylish I adore this type of look it gives you a very classy air

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  • Anonymous

    Fantastic look!

  • the first paragraph of the text is reaaaally beautiful, could be the beginning of an essay or story – this separation of smells, impressions and the atmosphere they create have some poetic ingredient <3 I like it a lot and it's a pitty that I didn't yet experience the magic of winter – I miss that archaic abundance of snow and the hot smells of freshly backed cookies or gluwine… anyway.. Have a nice Christmas!

  • Amazing photos! Cool bag 😉

  • Such a classy look, lovely pics!


  • great giveaway 🙂

  • Nice bag 🙂

  • Catherine Okereke

    Truly wonderful piece! I love the different smells of the season…and London is magical. Enjoy!

  • Tania

    Iti urmaresc blogul si evolutia de mult timp,,dar outfit-ul acesta pur si simplu m-a lasat cu gura cascata,,este demential,,,Spune-mi te rog daca poti de unde sunt sacoul,fusta si mai ales paltonul.