Flower power.


Flowers for spring is something usual. When every tree is in full bloom and the sun isn’t burning yet, all you want to do is take long promenades in a girly outfit with sandals. To feel the warm wind and capture every handsome men’s eyes. This year the most popular print on girls’ outfits at Coachella, was flowers. And I want to remark that all types of this print will look trendy – small, fine, big, bright, pale. To me, for example, a long chiffon dress with flowers all over it is the most beautiful piece in a girl’s wardrobe. Some well known designers think the same way and continue to use flowers as the perfect summer print.
I want to start my list with short summer daytime dresses. Their variation is enormous. The difficult moment is choosing the right dress. I’ve picked up 3 options for you, my ladies, which I think will look cool this summer.

1. Empire dress- only custom made out of very quality fabrics. If it’s from a small flowered print, the color should be very bright. Wear it without a Cardigan.

2. White dress- it should be from Jersey or expensive cotton, that way it would be long-lasting. The flowers on the dress don’t have to be very small, on the contrary, the best option would be different sizes and pale tones of flowers.

3. Black dress- best option for cool evenings.Long sleeves look very feminine. Flowers on black pieces should be large, but they must not be too bright, otherwise it looks too dramatic.

flowerdress1. Prom Dress in White and Blue Flower Print

2. Coast Ambika Print Bandeau Dress

3. Dress In Fluro Jaquard

4. Boutique by Jaeger Halter Neck Sundress

5. Pencil Dress With Mirror Flower Print



Evening dresses can also be with a floral print. It is very important to understand the level of formality of each event you attend, in order to find a proper dress. Of course you can not wear  a dress like this to an official Reception in the White House (haha, just dreaming a bit), but it can work for something as simple as the Grammy Awards. That’s what one of our Style Heroes, Alexa Chung, did and looked stunning. You should remember that even if flowered, an evening dress is an evening dress, therefore the fabrics should always be expensive, like satin, chiffon or lace. Also hand-made embroidered elements are always welcomed!



Mid length and Maxi dresses. Such dresses should be only from Jersey or chiffon. The remaining options are unattractive. Maxi length is created for women who are taller than 170 cm. For all the others, the medium length or below the knee is the best choice! Combine it with a pair of high heeled pumps or platform sandals and the perfect summer outfit is ready.

For daytime dresses Maxi length of the fabric should be translucent and preferably without frill at the bottom. The colors we recommend you are: orange, white, electric blue, yellow and soft pink. Also I want to say a few words about the style of the dresses. If the cut has no clearly marked waist line, then you can take a thin strap or ribbon (preferably same color as your sandals) and wrap it around your waist. You can add big earrings if you’re hair is in a ponytail or many bracelets if your hair is relaxed and messy. But we do not recommend you to wear all the accessories at the same time. 





Skirt and top suit. This is something that I want to see this summer on the streets! This season it is very fashionable to wear short skirts and tops with a high waist, and a small exposure of your belly. It looks hot and not only from the weather;). I really like how this kind of suits look in fresh colors like yellow and sky blue. The top can be with or without straps, but in both cases put on your neck a large necklace. 20130419-145905.jpg


Mini shorts. It is very difficult to find denim shorts with floral print, but if fate smiles to you and you get the chance to buy them, make sure you wear them this summer. They can be mixed with a short white top (see on Leigh Lezark). Another way to wear them would be with a white shirt with a men’s cut. This will also look sexy and more sophisticated… in a way. The shoes we would recommend you are flat sandals, as the length of your legs will be underlined by the mini shorts, and something like disco pumps would ruin the whole look. Do leave the high heels for maxi dresses! The belt is not a necessary addition to this look, but a bracelet should be.


And remember dears – boys make passes to the girls with hot asses. Work out!


Photo source: Vogue

  • Love flowery print! I especially like the high waisted plus cropped top combination!


  • si eu ador acest trend!


  • The dresses are gorgeous! I really like the dress that Olivia is wearing.


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  • Lauren

    With all due respect, I think that last sentence is a little “sexist” and encourages girls (especially young girls) to have “hot” bodies for the wrong reasons… Women should feel good about their own bodies not to have “boys making passes at their hot asses”, but to feel good about themselves as women, to feel powerful and have self-esteem. And, of course, to stay healthy.

    I’m just writing this comment because I think – as a reader – that Doina is a role model to those type of women (especially young women, like me) that want to be powerful and beautiful, and that type of sentece goes on the opposite direction and made feel a little revolted – of course, with all respect to your posts, that I enjoy reading. Young women do not need more of those kind of messages from our society, and I think some young girls are still very influenced by messages like the one you wrote.

    I just wasn’t able not to leave my opinion, especially when it was in Doina’s blog, that I look up as a beautiful and powerful young woman. I’m sorry and thank you.

  • Deborah

    Love the white and red dress worn by Miranda Kerr!


  • Great selection! I especially love Olivia Palermo’s dress!


  • Giorgiana

    completely agree with you 🙂

  • love the print of the dress #10

  • see, i do not like the obvious in fashion, like wearing floral for spring and fur for winter. though, i like prints.

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