The time we had lunch at Joe’s.

London, England


ByDimitri jacket / Finders Keepers playsuit / Zara shoes / Givenchy bag / Nialaya jewellery



Living in one of the world’s best cities when it comes to food and entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean you get to make the most out of it. Daniel and I seldomly go out for fancy dinners or long hours of while and chit-chat. With such a busy schedule for both of us, our romantic moments look more like home delivery Mexican and a movie in a comfy chair; ultimate relaxation. I would love to say “there comes an age where you just want to lie down at home”…. but it’s not really the case, so let’s not get into it.

So when we DO go out from time to time (yes, we’re not complete cave people), we love to take a chance and get all dressed up and chic. After all we live in a fashion capital, or what?  And that is exactly what we did on the day we went to Joe’s on Draycott Avenue. The time that afternoon stopped, and we spent a few hours wining and lunching, in the nice ambiance of the restaurant in Chelsea. Coming from a family where food is a “world with no boundaries” I’ve learned to pretty much eat and enjoy everything, especially when it’s something my tongue has never tasted before. And Joe’s is the perfect place to do that. Small Menus always win my heart because one of my worst qualities is the inability to make a decision, therefore a short but great selection of food keeps my nerves in place. Good wines are a blood and ethnical necessity. Food with a twist, traditional dishes done differently aren’t so common these days but I enjoy them more than anything. Joe’s had everything to keep me happy and I just can’t wait to go back.

doina ciobanu playsuit green jacket-9


wine: Tommasi Romeo Rosso from 2011
food: tomato and pesto soup; Chermoula marinated chicken breast with couscous & baba ghanoush (photo below); Pan fried salmon, braised octopus, cherry tomato, basil & coriander puree; Poached eggs with salmon; Salted caramel ice cream with fruits;
my favourite: tomato and pesto soup + poppy seeds bread

doina ciobanu playsuit green jacket-2

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doina ciobanu playsuit green jacket-26

doina ciobanu playsuit green jacket-10

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doina ciobanu playsuit green jacket collage

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Some men’s fashion inspiration for you… because we always love those well dressed men, right?

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Salted caramel ice cream with fruits doina ciobanu playsuit green jacket-4

Pan fried salmon, braised octopus, cherry tomato, basil & coriander puree doina ciobanu playsuit green jacket

doina ciobanu playsuit green jacket-3

doina ciobanu playsuit green jacket-25

doina ciobanu playsuit green jacket-18


  • looks super lovely and i love your outfit!

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  • you couldn´t be more beautiful! absolutely gorgeous!

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  • Beautiful look!

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  • great fashion style and yummy food, blessed <3


  • Lovey Fleming

    This is such a gorgeous look! I love your jumper so much, and with that jacket– perfection!


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    Beautiful Doina <3

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    oh doina, you just have the hottest body. I’m jealous

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    I adore your outfit! To me the heels pull it all together, perfect!

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    You both look gorgeous!
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  • You’re beautiful!

    I love your outfit. So chic and very London like. 🙂

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    I love the playsuit! and it looks awesome with the yellow jacket 🙂

  • amazing, enjoy it

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    so gorgeous

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    chic outfit! 🙂

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    Amazing outfit, you look gorgeous!

  • You are absolutely adorable as always, love the look, the food & his look!


  • Lovely!

    love this outfit! the color combo is perfect!!

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  • Fantastic outfit! You look so chic!
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  • i love the color of the vest ! lovely pics !