New York cool and chic.

New York, United States



It hasn’t been long since I left New York but I am already missing it like crazy. And that is the city that I used to dislike… Still if you ask me to choose between LA and NY I’ll always go for the West Coast. However, New York does have something so inspirational and motivational that can’t be explained. The concentration of population in such a tiny island has its impact and it can be quite chaotic and confusing at times, but that is the same thing that makes it so special.

And as always, my style really changes and I wear what I normally wouldn’t in Europe… or specifically London. Urban chic is New York for me. Wear something really cool with chic elements, but the key factor is to keep it comfortable. Something too elegant or too uncomfortable to move in, walk in, sit in is not made for New York. My first basic for this trip were the Dior silk booties; the heel isn’t too high which make them perfect for lots of walking, but they work with so many outfits and are THE cool piece to get this season.

doina ciobanu flared jeans new york-5

doina ciobanu flared jeans new york-4

doina ciobanu flared jeans new york-3

doina ciobanu flared jeans new york collage

doina ciobanu flared jeans new york-7

doina ciobanu flared jeans new york-12

doina ciobanu flared jeans new york-15

doina ciobanu flared jeans new york-2

Photography: Daniel Dykes

  • great pin stripes jacket! love it!


  • Deborah

    As always you amaze me with your looks, styling those pants can easily become a nightmere, but you did it so well! Love every details of this outfit, you’re such an inspiration!


  • I’m not crazy for the styling this time, but those boots and pants – oh my!


  • You look fantastic!

  • Lyzmarie Fernandez

    Stripes are my fave and I adore this look you put together! Fantastic as always. :0

  • dré

    Your boots are so great! Fun look!
    xo dré

  • Woah!!! I’m OBSESSED with this belt!!!

    xo Vanessa |

  • Thanks a lot, Deborah! Yes, the extremely flared jeans can be quite difficult to wear, but they’re super cool 🙂

  • thank you x

  • Haha, thank you 🙂

  • Thanks, Liesa x

  • I absolutely love stripes too xx

  • They’re awesome, aren’t them? Dior never gets it wrong x

  • Thank you, lovely x

  • Michèle

    this is my very favorite outfit by you EVER