Istanbul, Turkey

Full Forever 21 outfitEyelash Lace maxi cardigan / Fringed crop top / Grommeted festival boots / Maxi skirt (see in store) / Suede hat (see in store) / Boho jewellery 

With the festival season approaching, opened by the world famous Coachella on the West Coast, Forever 21 and I have paired up to bring out the free spirit in me. Growing up in Eastern Europe, you get used to dressing a certain way; a reason to that might be the conservative thinking of the majority of the population, or maybe it’s because it is not socially acceptable to free your mind and be crazy. Whatever the reason is, I never really had the chance to fully explore my personality. That is where travelling became my best friend and saviour. Once I started travelling more, I realised that being in a new city every time gave me a certain courage to listen to my inner self and experiment more with fashion. Now I have got to a point where whenever I travel, I feel like channeling a new unknown to me side of my personality. The local art, music, food, people, streets, architecture, birds, flora… Every place I visit inspires me to be different, but stay true to myself at the same time. After all, the beauty of our generation is that we’re slowly learning to live peacefully with each other and treat each other as equals. Different cultures and time periods shouldn’t be a boundary, they should, on the contrary, be something that connects us and makes us want to explore each others individualities.

coachella festival fringe style-19

coachella festival fringe style collage3

coachella festival fringe style

coachella festival fringe style-18

coachella festival fringe style collage2

coachella festival fringe style-2

coachella festival fringe style-43

coachella festival fringe style collage

coachella festival fringe style-5

coachella festival fringe style-52

coachella festival fringe style-4

coachella festival fringe style-32

Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • Dressed With Soul

    You created such a cool boho look! I like it really.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Adorable boho look. Love the top and booties!

  • Oh you look gorgeous! You should wear hats more often, you totally rock them!



    Ambitieuse Paris

  • changavintage

    For those looking for vintage pieces to add to your wardrobe, would love if you could take a look at my instagram

  • Love the huge amount of black lace, such a beautiful boho look!

    Printed or Plain

  • Lovely full lips Doina! Good job on the look!

  • Such a stunning look!

  • L.

    Doina, chiar nu ma asteptam de la tine sa-ti faci asta la buze. Sorry, nu stiu daca o sa te mai urmaresc. E ceva super vulgar in toata povestea asta cu pompatul buzelor.

  • De fapt am descoperit acest produs)

  • Shelby Rae

    So beautiful! Love the entire look :]

  • Deborah

    Beautiful…love this boho look on you!


  • soo pretty!

    love this look very much!;)


  • L.

    phew. hm, ok. ma gandisem si eu ca e vreun ruj ceva. pe bune acuma, nu trebe nimic in buze, esti frumi si asa.

  • Thank you! I really love lace for boho looks too 🙂



  • Ana Vieira

    saw one photo on lookbook and loved it. so beautiful.


    facebook page

  • This spree spirit like took does look really good on you 🙂 Actually can’t really imagine you in very conservative clothing 🙂

  • Ola Herman

    Beautiful colours in this “ready for Spring” outfit! 🙂

  • Haha, thank you. Well let’s hope I get to spend a lot of this year’s time in warm destinations 🙂

  • Michelle K. Lee

    beautiful look!

  • lucy staquet

    Magnificent this post
    I love this style, I adopt
    Good continuation