Suits like Jagger.

New York, United States

When I got saw this Racil suit a while ago it was love at first sight. I knew I had to wear it. I knew how I had to style it. I knew where I wanted to wear it. A few days later I was on a plane to New York with it in my suitcase. Now it was all about finding the right location. We’d seen this corner in loads of photos but could never understand where exactly it was in NY. Hours of researching and virtual google maps tour through New York and we found the spot in the Financial district. The location was perfect and Daniel’s photography skills didn’t disappoint yet again.

Looking back at the photos I kept getting some kind of Deja Vu. White suit, extravagance, fur, something was very familiar and very iconic about that. It took a bit of brain picking to remember Bianca Jagger’s white suits. She probably ticks the boxes of the most iconic memorable white suit looks of all times… and damn did she have many of those! Accessorised with furs, roses, black ribbons and collars, huge hats, the woman knew how to style a suit like a PRO. So here is a little throwback of Bianca and I wearing the white smoking in completely different circumstances, decades and cities. 

Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • Simply classy and timeless beautiful … love the pant suit look! 🙂

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  • gorgeous!!


    Loved this Doina, you look stunning!



  • Dylana

    This is so so fab!


  • You are amazing! Love your style!

  • Gorgeous suit and style!

    Haute Sauce

  • Love the photos. Looks like a magazine editorial x

  • Lou

    Awesome photos! I have an event today, and I will copy your style!!


  • Natalie Redman

    This suit is incredible!

  • In love with this outfit!

  • chiccarpediem

    Awesome outfit