Christmas Gift guide for HIM. Part 1.




Second in the line is a Christmas Gift Guide for MEN. Yes, because we are women and we all have a man in our lives, be that a father, a boyfriend, a brother… So when it comes to Christmas shopping that’s actually what we look for the most.

  1. Dior Homme Black Tie sunglasses are of a classic retro shape that every man needs to have. They’re super light and the colour makes them work with every outfit.
  2. Dior Homme cufflinks They’re very minimal, yet with the statement “CD” initials make them luxuriously cheeky for those who can notice. Accompanying a shirt on your man either for a formal look or a more relaxed one.
  3. Drink stones or whiskey stones are definitely the perfect gift for HIM. I myself got them for Daniel last year… or the year before? Not sure anymore. But the wonderful thing about them is that they keep the drink cool without adding any water into it like ice would do. + the fact that they come in granite makes them look pretty elegant.
  4. Blood, Sweat and Bond. No matter whether your man is a big 007 fan or not, a glance into the behind the scenes of the most iconic spy series is a great gift idea for Christmas. Beautifully photographed, capturing the main characters of the new Spectre movie backstage, “Blood, Sweat and Bond” is a beautiful addition to his book collection.

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