Morning my loves! Here are some last minute solutions before Christmas for those who haven’t done their shopping yet (like myself for instance). Good luck and wish me luck too haha.

Bel staff aviator jacket is one of those things every man should own, they are both ultimately sexy and stylish. The blue colour is a statement piece and perfect choice as it works with pretty much every outfit, full black, jeans, whites, browns.

Tommy Hilfiger beanie. I have been obsessing over Tommy Hilfiger’s men’s accessories this season, they are all so comfy, fluffy and great investment for the cold season.

Coach watch is definitely one of my favourite men’s watches I’ve seen recently. The brown leather and blue face make for a beautiful every day piece that goes with everything, from casual to evening wear.

Paul Smith camel sweater. Camel cashmere is always a good idea for a Christmas present, it’s another one of those extremely wearable pieces, both comfortable and elegant.

Thisworks calm kiss. I can’t get tired of these things, the package is way too adorable and the products themselves are a perfect before bed solution for both men and women.

doina ciobanu luxury men christmas gift guide clothes-2

doina ciobanu luxury men christmas gift guide clothes