Fashiolista & TheGoldenDiamonds: ModCloth Gift Voucher.



Since I found Fashiolista, I’ve practically become addicted to it. This is a virtual wish-list, except it looks more
like a box full of magic. You can search for whatever piece of clothing you want and by clicking the heart, you
have it in on you Wish-List. You can also install the virtual heart on your browser, so that whenever you find
an inspiring item on the Internet, you can directly love it with your Fashiolista profile.
As Autumn has already taken over, Fashiolista and The Golden Diamonds has teamed up to give you the
possibility to refersh your fall/winter wardrobe. Are you interested? Then just follow these very easy steps to
enter the Giveaway.

♥  Love the Gift Voucher HERE (if you’re not registered, you can do it HERE in only 10seconds!)
  Follow The Golden Diamonds with Fashiolista by clicking HERE
  Like The Golden Diamonds on Facebook HERE

When you’re done, leave a comment with your contact details, so that in case you win, we know
how to contact you.

The Giveaway will end on October the 4th, so don’t miss you chance!

Good luck!!

With all our live,
Doina & Fashiolista

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