My trip to Istanbul.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most magical cities I have ever been to. It is really absolutely unique in so many ways, and its geographical position on two continents is really reflected in its culture and lifestyle. It’s not like Paris, Rome or Madrid, it is really shifted away from the European style as we know it; but it’s not like Cairo or Tehran; Istanbul is a mix of the best of everything.

It’s not a city for those who look for fancy walks in high heels or champagne on the pier, not at all. It will be noisy, people will constantly come up to you trying to sell something, you’ll step in a puddle while turning around to see what they wanted; you’ll smell rotten fish, you’ll walk through little alleyways and stones will be hanging off old houses, so close to falling. You’ll get lost in translation, you’ll get lost in the echo of each call to prayer, you’ll get  in your thoughts trying to imagine what the old grand city of Constantinople looked like, and that will be the most beautiful type of confusion and wonder. You will love every noise you hear on the streets because each sound will start making sense to you like a separate instrument in a magnificent orchestra.

Today I am only sharing  a photo diary of my trip to Istanbul, just so that you can experience that magic with me, but I’m working hard on a guide of the most interesting things to do there, which will be coming to the blog soon.

Happy [imaginary] travelling! (P.S. I am on my way to Bali now, so make sure to follow my Instagram and Snapchat: doina.ciobanu,  for daily updates)


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  • I only remember Istanbul a little from when I went there as a little girl. And ever since I have dreamed of going back, but other destinations where always in the way. This makes me book my ticket right away!


  • My heart is pumping out of happiness, really excited to hear that! Then my Guide will be very useful to you 😉

  • Oh, it will! Genuinely can’t wait for a map on how to get to those beautiful rooftops!

  • These are such beautiful photos.

    Looks like so much fun.


  • valeria


  • Ana

    You’re so lucky, not only do you visit incredible places but you have beautiful snaps of you doing so – very jealous! 🙂 Bali, here we come!

  • mariel

    such a beautiful city and even more amazing photos Doina…this definitely got me wanting to visit Istanbul more..can’t wait to see your guide 🙂

  • viktoria

    прекрасные фотографии!

  • Fantastic photos and amazing outfits as always!

  • Martina L. Lindberg

    Amazing photographs! May I ask where your scarf is from?

  • lifeoftheadventurous

    I have always been a reader but I think I never wrote you before.

    Girl, Istanbul is such a dream for me, it’s a very magical place! I am so glad you visited it and to be able to see it through your eyes… I hope you can see it through mines in two more years when I’ll be there (hopefully).

    Have a very nice week lovely! And I invite you to find beaches, mountains and desert travels in south america through Life of the Adventurous!

  • Thanks a lot for writing for the first time, means a lot to me. I am always happy to hear that people feel like they’re visiting the places I go to through my photos/text. I am trying to work on video as well as you might have noticed ( but it is a lot of work trying to be present on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, blog and now Youtube.

    Anyways, I hope you keep reading my blog and travelling together with me. A lot more adventures are yet to come xx

  • Hey Martina, it’s from Lisa King, she does absolutely fascinating scarves 🙂

  • thank you a lot, Alyssa x

  • Спасибо большое! 🙂

  • Haha, happy to hear that 🙂

  • A.

    Привет! Скажи пожалуйста, что это за насадка для фото на айфон)? Спасибо)!

  • Oh yes! I saw the video when you published. Keep on with the great job dear. We the followers really appreciate the hard work you do. It’s such an inspiration when we lose strength on our own stuff… you remind us that “hard work pays off”. Hope to meet you somewhere in the world when I start my globetrotting (first university degree!).
    Have fun 🙂 maybe I’ll start commenting you on instagram too 😉

  • Elizabeth

    Hello, Doina!
    It will be very helpful if you gonna make a guide for Istanbul . I decided to go there for 3-4 days for my birthday after I saw your pics and post. Thanks a lot, you look stunning.:)

  • every kind information about Istanbul for tourists pls visit

  • Great photos and inspiring trip to share. Thank you!