Exploring Barcelona. March 2015.

Barcelona, Spain

To many of you it’s no surprise that I find myself in Barcelona again. I don’t think a year has gone by without me visiting it for quite a while now. It is very much what I call a soul city, something I feel I’d be able to very easily call home one day.

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After a few days of strolling the city while Daniel was all in meetings, the weekend is here and we get to visit some of my already favourite and soon to become favourite places.

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Oh yes and I have changed my iPhone cover since then, so no judging please, that’s what happens to the leather ones Apple sell in stores after only 2 months.

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So our first stop is the place I had been wanting to go to ever since I came to Barcelona for the first time when I was 8 (wow, that’s quite a long soul relationship I have with this city, isn’t it?). Tibidabo is literally on the top of Barca, opening a stunning view of the Catalan capital.

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And I couldn’t miss the chance to be stared while using my selfie stick from all the possible angles. But hey, it does take really good scenery photos

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A little bit of food and wine is always a good idea in a city as affordable as Barcelona.

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Coming back into the city we chose to go half the way by bus and the rest walking. That was, most certainly, one of the best decisions we took on that trip since the sunset was absolutely incredible.

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On Sunday we met up with my uncle and auntie who live about 30mins drive from Barcelona, in the Montserrat area. And that is where we spent our whole day, followed by an amazing lunch at Vinya Nova, which I’ve written all about in my “Barcelona Local Food Guide”.

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I have visited many places in Espana, but Montserrat remains one of my absolute favourite. I still can’t get over how people were building such incredible places on the top of the mountains, with no modern technology.

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Our last day we tried to enjoy as much as possible, and I mean AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. In Doina language that is, have a full Menu del Dia at Luzia, then head to the cute dessert shop where everything is made by nuns to enjoy some sweets, then find THAT best Churros place your friends have told you so much about. I mean, just about 3kg of food + wine + coffee, but it’s our last day, right?

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And of course, a perfect day can’t end anywhere other than the beach. Why? Well because growing up in a country with no access to the sea, it’s become something extremely special and precious to me.

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The End.
(PS. my next travel post will be about my fascinating trip to Istanbul, so make sure to look out for that)

  • i’ve got so much love for barcelona, such a gorgeous city! looks like you had a wonderful time!

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  • Doina, I love the way you got us trough your days in Barcelona. You two are so cure together. The pic in which he hisses you is the cutest ever! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us:)

  • Keep these travel diaries coming, they are wonderful!


  • valeria

    Superb.. Oras minunatttt, sper sa ajung si eu la vara pe aici..

  • Wow! Just what I was looking for! Sweet escape!

  • I have been to Spain many times and I still didn’t get a chance to visit Barcelona…
    BTW, loved the photography of this post.


  • viktoria

    amazing photos


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    Beautiful photos – nice mix of landscape, architecture and cute candid shots 🙂

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    you look gorgeus together, you are both so stylish! nice photos too 🙂

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  • mariel

    these photos are just so beautiful Doina, I can see why you visit the city every year <3

    Barcelona is a very beautiful city and your photos have made me want to be back so bad 🙂


  • Linsey Sijmons

    WOW loving your Barca diary! And maybe pyou hear this a lot, but gosh you look like Kendall Jenner a lot! Which is a HUGE compliment 😉 I also mentioned you in my latest post!! Hopefully you like it 😉

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  • Lovey Fleming

    Oh darling these photos are so darn magnificent! I am in love with the summer vibe and classic essence of the city. Your outfits are to die for, naturally 😉



  • Magnificent photos! All your looks are very on point.


  • Your pics from Barcelona are amazing!



  • Haha, that’s right, I do get it a lot :)) Thank you, Linsey xx

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  • Hey Alyssa, thank you, they’re very comfy outfits to explore a city 😀

  • Glad you like them, Patricia 😉

  • Hey Ana, really nice to hear you like it. An Istanbul post is coming up, followed by Bali. So look out 😀

  • Barcelona is insane!!! You should totally visit it next time 😉

  • Valeria, neaparat merita vizitat cand ai nevoie de o vacanta relaxanta 😀

  • More coming soon… Thank you xx

  • Hey Oana, thanks a lot, that’s really sweet of you to say x

  • Thank you, Elza! And yes, it is, it’s an amazing city x