The European Paradise island you need to visit.

Panarea, Italy


The Jetset Diaries dress // Mango sandals



A new week starts, a week that last week was meant to be so productive, filled with meetings and some amazing opportunities. But because life is unpredictable and some things we just can’t control, I’m sitting in my chair instead with a cast on my leg and my foot broken. But hey, I’m trying to stay positive! And a part of the positive thinking process is going through the beautiful places we’ve been this summer. So let’s forget about my leg and let’s pretend we’re all in Italy.

This summer we had the chance to spend an unforgettable week at the Yacht Week. For those of you who have NEVER heard of this, it’s a yacht experience that takes place in a lot of insane places like the British Virgin Islands, Thailand, Croatia, Greece and many others. You spend a week living on the yacht, sailing around beautiful places, swimming in the clearest waters and partying at night. Sounds quite alright doesn’t it? I will do a full post about the Yacht Week and tell you more about the whole trip, what to bring, what to expect, etc.

Today I wanted to share with you a little slice of Paradise that we got to visit while on Yacht Week. No, it’s not Santorini (a lot of people did bombard me with messages asking me if I was there), it’s a tiny Italian island hidden off the coast of Sicily called Panarea. It is one of the emptiest and quietest islands I have ever been to. The constant white colour of the houses surrounded by perfectly blue sky and water make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. You don’t realise how beautiful Panarea is until you leave the port and start exploring the little alleyways. There are no cars on the island, the only means of transportation is by bike, scooter or golf cars, and of course your feet, which is my favourite! Mmmm, yes, ironically enough…

So welcome to Panarea, my loves…



doina ciobanu jet set dress collage

doina ciobanu jet set dress-2


doina ciobanu jet set dress-24

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doina ciobanu jet set dress


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Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • Michèle

    absolutely crazy in love with this dress

  • valeria

    very nice..
    Stii Doina, ne place (personal mie) caci calatoresti tare mult, acetsa este si un vis de al meu, si cu fiecare oras vizitat devine mai real, imi place ca avem ocazia de a ne inspira din poze, ca impartasesti cu noi experientele tale, ca in viitor ne planificam si noi vacante in orase vizitate de tine, Barcelona – care tare m-a impresionat (eram in parcul Ciutadella – oohh, aici e unul din locurile favorite ale Doinei), Paris (podul lui Alexandu al III-lea, unde ai niste poze fantastice), Vienna .. etc. Ca vedem lumea prin ochii tai si traim sentimente de nedescris cind ajungem si noi acolo. Si pentru asta iti multumim, asteptam noi postari, impresii si sugestii (ce am putea vizita si unde), cu mare drag urmaresc toate postarile tale, dar imi place enorm ca calatoresti, deci have fun, si cit mai multe zimbete, poze si clipe de neuitat! :*

  • tatiana

    This dress is magical! The first second I saw it on your IG, I went and got it 😁. You rocked that dress Doina. I am inspire by your creativity and also your dedication. Panarea it’s absolutely beautiful. it’s definitely on my bucket list. Wish you a promp recovery cutie ❤️

  • Heyy, ce dragut! Imi multumesc mult pentru cuvintele dragi, sa stii ca si gandul meu atunci cand calatoresc e mereu la voi. Intotdeauna ma gandesc sa gasesc si sa-mi notez locuri interesante despre care sa va povestesc si voua. Te pup, Doina xx

  • Hey lovely, thanks a lot. Lovely to hear about the dress, please do share your photo with me xxx

  • Thank you Michele x

  • Lovey Fleming

    What a gorgeous place and outfit! I love the pouchy design on this gorgeous dress


  • I loved this dress!

  • Love, love, love!


  • How wonderful to get a look at a less-frequented island! Well done.