Ermanno Scervino Backstage.


Many of us watch fashion shows on the TV or see the runway reports on or on the pages of Vogue, but not often we get to see what happens “behind the curtains”. That is exactly what we want to show you, guys! I find it very interesting to see how fashion is done, the process itself, rather than just the perfect result we, as users, get.

Thanks to Ermanno Scervino, we got the chance to see all the beauty secrets of a  catwalk. Unfortunately I had too much work to do and couldn’t experience the backstage myself, but I sent my photographer, Alex, to shoot how models were getting ready for the show. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did!

IMG_4303ermannobackstage IMG_4312ermannobackstage   IMG_4327ermannobackstage  IMG_4330ermannobackstage IMG_4334ermannobackstage     IMG_4363ermannobackstage IMG_4370ermannobackstage  IMG_4380ermannobackstage IMG_4391ermannobackstage IMG_4397ermannobackstage IMG_4407ermannobackstage IMG_4408ermannobackstage IMG_4409ermannobackstage IMG_4410ermannobackstage  IMG_4413ermannobackstage  IMG_4420ermannobackstage IMG_4426ermannobackstage IMG_4430ermannobackstage IMG_4433ermannobackstage IMG_4435ermannobackstage IMG_4442ermannobackstage IMG_4447ermannobackstage IMG_4451ermannobackstage IMG_4454ermannobackstage   IMG_4473ermannobackstage IMG_4477ermannobackstage IMG_4486ermannobackstage IMG_4490ermannobackstage IMG_4497ermannobackstage IMG_4507ermannobackstage IMG_4524ermannobackstage IMG_4525ermannobackstage  IMG_4527ermannobackstage  IMG_4534ermannobackstage   IMG_4542ermannobackstage IMG_4560ermannobackstage IMG_4563ermannobackstage IMG_4569ermannobackstage IMG_4583ermannobackstage  IMG_4589ermannobackstage    IMG_4601ermannobackstage

And now the master himself is getting ready for the finale.

IMG_4611ermannobackstagePhotos by Alexey Popoff

  • love the super natural look! great photos!

  • I’d really love to be backstage at a fashion show, just standing in a corner soaking in the atmosphere, watching chaos ensue and ultimately result in a brilliant show…that would be a dream!

  • great!
    very interesting post!
    i love this!

  • Deborah

    Wow amazing experience!


  • I loved the show!

  • do you still do modeling?

  • andrabx

    wow !!! I never thought of this before , really I love to see the catwalk and all these beautiful shows , just lovely !!!
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