Princess for a day in Paris.

Paris, France

Can’t believe how fast 2016 is gone. It was such a crazy year with so many dreams coming true, but unlike in fairytales, those dreams required working my butt off. Which is fine. It’s actually brilliant. I’m a person that needs action and new things happening all the time, if they don’t happen I get up and start chasing them. Life is too short to just wait for things to happen to you, and this post is a living proof of that. The intensity of 2016 and the work load have kept me away from the blog, which is quite annoying since I feel like it’s been unfair to you, my dearest readers, that have been with me along the years, watched my transition from a 16year old high schooler from Moldova, to a university student in Bucharest, and finally to  a 22year old woman that’s chasing her dreams in London.

Together with a packed schedule, this year Daniel and I (aka Doina’s dream team ❤) worked on loads and loads of projects together and did a lot of shoots for publications like Vogue, Elle, Arcadia and others. Not sure if you know how it works but basically the editorials shot for magazines are usually exclusive materials and get published months later, sometimes up to 8months later, so before they get published you can’t share any images. This is the reason why SO MANY insane photos we took in 2016 didn’t end up published on the blog.

I truly hope you enjoyed this shoot which was one of the editorials we worked on this year, wearing a dream Zuhair Murad dress. I still can’t believe my relationship with the brand and Zuhair Murad himself. It has been such a dream to one day wear his dresses for so many years, I couldn’t even imagine I’d work with the brand (I did an Instagram takeover during Haute Couture Fashion Week you can see it HERE), start being dressed by them for events and get to know Zuhair Murad himself.

Of course, photos are taken by Daniel x




  • I can imagine your feelings when collaborate with this amazing brand!
    Congratulations , you both have Done a great job!
    You’re stunning, the dress is amazing and the photos are everything!

    Glam Observer

  • Wow stunning dress!

  • Such a dreamy beautiful look … Such fabulous fairytale story will always remained at the heart! 🙂
    Here’s to a wonderful start of 2017!

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Such dreamy photos! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos you guys took in 2016 x

  • Ev

    Wow! Amazing dress and photos <3

  • Lovey Fleming

    I’d love to look like this on my wedding day 🙂 You’re a princess every day of the week!
    Much love

  • Seriously stunning dress & shots, you look incredible

    Mel x

  • Eva

    So so beautiful! Zuhair Murad is one of my favourite designers, he really knows how to make dresses that make women look stunning!

  • Yes, I was wondering why it takes so long for you to give us the blog post about some of the stuff you do! Congrats Doina, I love his creations as well but I know I will never wear his creations because I am to short for the dresses that I love! It is nice to see someone getting their dreams come true!

    These are the dresses I dream of, if you you want to take a look

  • oh my goodness this is STUNNING beyond words! x

  • Thank you so much x

  • Haha, yes. Thank you Simona, and tbh I think with very high heels and if you shorten the length, anyone can wear it. Lovely selections of dresses you made x

  • Glad you like it, Eva x

  • Thanks a lot! kisses

  • Haha, I’ve thought of that too. I think because I’ve worn so many dresses like this, my wedding dress would be a simple slip dress x

  • Thank you lovely x

  • Happy to hear that Lydia! x

  • Yay, let’s hope 2017 brings in only the best x

  • Thanks, Areli 🙂

  • Big thanks, Giada x

  • Such a massive year! You did such a wonderful job in bringing this incredible dress to life as well. Certainly a dream come true!
    xx Jenelle

  • You look so beautiful Doina!!!

    I’d be happy if you’d drop by my blog too!


    ❥ Vicky | The Golden Bun – Instagram TGB–

  • Natalie

    This dress is so incredibly beautiful. So lucky to get to wear it in Paris!
    Natalie |

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