Egyptian summer makeup: yellow and blue.




So about a week ago we went to see the new Mummy, and even though it doesn’t come close to Wonder Woman which we’d seen a week before, I did really love the makeup they used on Ahmanet. That’s always the case, Daniel looks at the male’s hair, I look at the female’s makeup/hair and style.
So I got home, started looking up pictures from set to get a better idea of the makeup and slightly tweaked it a little to make it more summery.

The hero products of this look are the absolutely amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills waterproof creme colours in Ice Blue and Yellow. Unfortunately I can’t find them online anywhere, so you might have to go into an ABH shop to ask about them. I finished the look with a Dior eyeliner and the Pump and Volume mascara as this looks requires very prominent eyelashes.
Hope this serves as an inspiration to move away from the traditional browns and nudes this summer and opt for some colours.

Doina x

  • Simply a very beautiful and sultry makeup look! 🙂

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  • fatou diaw

    wow! this is stunning!

  • Amazing!

  • Lovey Fleming

    This is just too sensational!

  • viktoria

    Love the make-up!