What’s Milan without Dolce and Gabbana? I think it’s pretty impossible to imagine the brand out of the picture now, as it’s become an italian symbol worldwide. Women, men, kids, everyone wears pieces from Dolce and Gabbana and love them.

I was really happy to be invited to review the Autumn-Winter 2013/14 collection in the huge (and believe me, HUGE!) showroom in Milan. The collection took my breath away, the reason to that were the “historic motifs”. I fell in love with the collection as soon as I saw the byzantine inspiration.  Every print, every stone, so symbolic and meaningful, a very rare phenomenon in the modern fashion industry.

The shoes…. Ah the shoes!! Those heels are unreal, and I can’t possibly understand how can someone create such a piece of art, where do they get their ideas of something as unreal as an empty heel filled with flowers . 


Thanks a lot to the lovely team for having me!

IMG_0237dolceshowroomIMG_0213dolceshowroomIMG_0220dolceshowroomIMG_0229dolceshowroomIMG_0221dolceshowroomIMG_0234dolceshowroomIMG_0233dolceshowroomIMG_0212dolceshowroom IMG_0241dolceshowroomIMG_0243dolceshowroom IMG_0246dolceshowroom IMG_0249dolceshowroomIMG_0252dolceshowroom IMG_0260dolceshowroomIMG_0262dolceshowroom IMG_0265dolceshowroom IMG_0274dolceshowroom IMG_0278dolceshowroom IMG_0201dolceshowroom IMG_0204dolceshowroom IMG_0203dolceshowroom IMG_0205dolceshowroom IMG_0208dolceshowroom

  • those pieces are simply gorgeous!

  • oh my, these are not only clothes, these look like the treasures ♥

  • Both of their collections for summer and fall are so inspiring!

  • Their crowns are every girls dream!
    Although I absolutely love every single item – the detail, embroidery and creativity are simply breathtaking, I feel like Dolce & Gabbana is playing it very safe lately? Every collection has left me in awe, but they haven’t given any excitement or element of surprise in their shows.
    I don’t know if it’s just my opinion, but I think they should push themselves into creating something that no one expects.

  • Wow it’s so beautiful! D&G are the best with making a special collection

  • wow! they designs great pieces! I absolutely adore Dolce & Gabbana proposals, each season!

  • wow! amazing post!

  • Great photos! With the shoes I’m in love too!!!

  • The detailing that goes into each D&G piece is crazy, I always look forward to their collection most during fashion week…they’re pieces go beyond just clothes to really something like art!

  • True devotion <3

    Gorgeous pics!
    by Marta Antolínez.

  • Lara

    I am not the most religious person but some of these pieces are just “NO NO NO”. Not cool D&G, not cool. (just my opinion as a Christian Orthodox)

  • dear Doina!
    thanks for this shoots!
    you are so lucky for visiting D&G showroom!

  • You’re so lucky Doina! I really would love to be there seeing all that amazing collection!
    Dolce&Gabbana always know how to surprise us! Each collection is better! From this one I totally love the red team of dresses and the shoes, the shoes are heaven!!!!!!!!!!


  • WOW!!! I really love this collection!

    Love&Studs on FACEBOOK

  • Those shoes with the caged in flowers are quite interesting!

  • These shoes are GORGEOUS!!! <3

  • OMG OMG its all so beautiful!!! And the shoes are amazing! One day i would love to own something from that label 🙁

    Hayley xx