Candy Pink Imperfections.

St. Tropez, France

wearing a Lucie set in Candy Pink from Triangl

Showing your body is always a quite tricky part. If you ask me, one year ago I wouldn’t have had the courage to take photos like these ones. Why? Hard to explain. It’s not beause I thought I was fat, or skinny, or anything else, it was simply because I thought I was imperfect.  But wait, what, there are no perfect people? Or at least that’s what we’ve always been taught. However, in the century of Izabel Goulart’s and Candice Swanepoel’s, feeling comfortable with being imperfect is really damn hard. And I’m sure if you think about it, you’ll actually realize how many girls feel like this, maybe even yourself.

All those dozens of fitness Instagram profiles, gyms everywhere, guides to how to work out at home using your body weight, make it so easy for us to achieve that perfection we want.

I started working out a while ago, and I’m awful at it as I usually make a big gap while I travel, or when I’m busy, but a few weeks of intense work and I can feel the result. And it might not seen by someone else, but the pleasure you experience from feeling your muscle sore and tense, and those tiny lines whose appearance only you can notice in the mirror, are enough to make you feel confident, because confidence always comes from inside, and you know how they say it, in a healthy body lives a healthy mind!

Another reason to the prohibition women usually feel when revealing their body is the social stereotype of a woman having to be covered and hidden behind layers of clothing. Everyone makes such a big issue out of underwear photographs, while exactly the same amount of skin can be revealed in swimwear. So am I wearing a bathing suit or a ligerie set? Well, as ambiguous as it might be, the answer is the latter.  However, the funny thing is that Triangl offer an identical (and I’m not exaggerating) set to this one as a swimsuit. So if I was walking in this underwear down the beach, would someone realize what it is?

This I’ll leave to you, as I’m just a big fan of all the Triangl products, be that lingerie or swimwear.


doina ciobanu triangl underwear_-3

doina ciobanu triangl underwear_-8

doina ciobanu triangl underwear_-2   doina ciobanu triangl underwear_-6   doina ciobanu triangl underwear_-5

doina ciobanu triangl underwear_-9

doina ciobanu triangl underwear_

doina ciobanu triangl underwear_-4

Photos: Daniel Dykes



  • Wow you look amazing. Love the cute bikini.

    xx Mira

  • Foarte frumoasa !! 🙂

  • I love the bikini and the pics, you look wonderful. Glad you realized it is not all about superficial beauty 🙂

  • oh and I just realized, that it is not a swimsuit, guilty as charged!


  • nat

    love your bikini! so gorgeous

  • You look gorgeous in this pink bikini!

  • Perfect swimwear!


  • You look so perfect , dear Doina !!

  • Q


  • Agree with your words, we women should feel free to wear whatever we want and not be judged by society and compared to the standards of VS models. You look great btw x

  • Draga Doina,
    Sa zicem ca e lenjerie intima, cum l-ai purta? In acelasi timp sa se vada. Banui ca ai deja cateva poze si cu o bluza care lasa sa se vada un pic lenjeria!
    In special in ziua de azi, cand au aparut atatea modele de lenjerie intima ce ar sta mai bine la plaja, femeia ar trebui sa se simta mai increzatoare in propriul corp ajutata de un asemea accesoriu!

  • You look stunning, dear. Don’t worry about imperfections, your body is wonderful and if you feel that, that’s what counts. I agree with you, its a wonderful feeling when you start seeing the results of an intense workout, makes you want to do more and more. And the bikini is great, loved the colour.

  • Cristina Bivol

    Ce alunite frumoase ai Doina!

  • these photos are beautiful & you can tell you’ve been hitting the gym! The hard work seems to be paying off 🙂 Im glad you now feel confident enough to go out in underwear/swimwear, i hope i get there one day!

    Hayley xx

  • You should add yourself to the list of Candices 🙂

  • what a beautiful swimwear!

  • Uli

    Ff frumos dar se duce culoarea, din pacate ..

  • great body dear!

  • so beautiful!

  • Perfection does not exist, so imperfection doesn’t either. 🙂
    And these pics are so American Apparel! You would be a perfect AA model!

  • Amazing bikini!

  • Alexandra

    Superba 🙂 ai un trup perfect, ochii sunt atat de frumosi, iar machiajul discret, ii scoate si mai frumos in evidenta 🙂

  • Angela

    Yo look so pretty! xx

  • Doamne, cat de naturala si frumoasa poti fi!

  • Alice

    Doina, please tell me, how do you remove the hair from your legs, underarm and bikini line.
    could you please write a post over this too, now that is summer and we would like to know the products you use.
    Thank you so much.

  • Doina Ciobanu

    Hey, nothing special, for legs and underarms I use a razor, but I always prefer the men’s, because it’s much sharper (guess because the male beard is so much thicker); Hands I always wax, however, for bikini I’ve been doing laser, as it removes the hair permanently. 🙂

    Hope this was useful!

  • Gorgeous! You look wondeful. Thank you for posting this, and please feel free to post many more like it. Anyone who would look at you critically doesn’t understand beauty.

  • Awesome babe:)

  • hannah

    i love that bikini