Nashville Girl at MELT!.

MELT 2014, Germany

Many of you have probably seen how crazily awesome my last weekend spent in Germany was. My trip with Guess exceeded my most positive expectations for my first ever big music festival, MELT! 2014. Funnily enough, with all the Coachella mass obsession, I wasn’t even aware of the existence of this music festival until recently, and it turned out to meet my preferences 100%. Electronic on one side, rock on the other, with hundreds of food stands selling veggie burger, Asian cuisine, pasta, caramel popcorn, german sausages, sweet cocktails and the list goes on; p a r a d i s e . The only disadvantage is that you can’t listen to them all at once!

The trip itself was an overdose of pleasure, pretty clothes, relaxation, and water (yeah, it was way hotter than anyone expected, but Guess had us covered with an unlimited water supply haha)! We stayed at a SPA and Wellness Center in Bad Duben, which was the perfect mix between comfort and history. A a big explorer, I loved the idea of discovering the local area on bicycles. Just like the usual German countryside, Bad Duben was a charming little town, with a good ice-cream Frappe, and a castle were Napoleon once stayed (unexpected, huh?).

However the whole trip wouldn’t have been that fascinating if I didn’t have the whole Nashville Collection, that is being launched in September, at my disposal. You know how they say, travelling is nice, but travelling in a fabulous outfit is even better… Yeah, not so sure if anyone says that, but they definitely should! From the mass-adored cuban boots, to slim denim skirts, American shirts, sexy corsets, and cowboy hats, I had everything I needed to become a Western girl for a few days.

Nashville being the home of the cool music of the Western Culture, Guess couldn’t have come with a better way to pre-launch it than associating the collection with the cool music of the modern world, and I was lucky enough to be a part of such an unusual experience.

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-5

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-41

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-49

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-48

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-50

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-40

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-51

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-24

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-22

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-25

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-26

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-52

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-57

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-64

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-10

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-15

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-53

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-54

doina ciobanu guess melt2014 collage

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-58

doina ciobanu guess melt2014

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-60

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-35

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-38

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-65  doina ciobanu guess melt2014-37

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-66

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-34 doina ciobanu guess melt2014-29

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-8

doina ciobanu guess melt2014-21   doina ciobanu guess melt2014-2

doina ciobanu guess melt2014 collage2


Photos: Daniel Dykes


  • Анна

    Супер фотографии!Ты как модель на всех фотографиях,очень красивая.

  • You look amazing in these pics. Love the concept.

    Life of Niss

  • Foarte frumoase pozele!

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    Gorgepus collection! =D

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    Gorgeous lady!!Love it:)

  • Eva

    Looks like an amazing time, and you look absolutely beautiful. The event venue is just spectacular! Envious! xx


  • Agnes

    You a beautiful!! Great style, great photos.

  • Alena

    Wow, you look super sexy in these pics! Great selection, you must have had some damn cool days together with Guess!
    Kiss, Alena | meet me stylish

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    Love this floral sneakers and scarf!!Stunning pictures

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  • Beautiful photos! You look very pretty!

  • perfect!
    Hope you had fun there!;)

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    Lovely post,wonderful photos!You are beautiful.

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    you are amazin!Congrats!

  • Alex

    That’s awesome, girl! Can’t wait to buy the collection in September, hope it gets to Chicago as well x

  • lauren

    Absolute babe!! Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kendal Jenner? Anyways, love this sexy style on you.

  • adela

    sooo happy I found you on Whowhatwear! you’re one of my favourite girls now 🙂