Playing with the rainbow.

Zakynthos, Greece

Oh My Love yellow skater dress (similar HERE) / Michael by Michael Kors gladiator sandals (similar HERE) / Givenchy clutch / Longines watch (similar HERE) + Cabo D’Mar Anchor bracelet / vintage scarf / 

Pretty yellow dress in a beautiful Greek alleyway. Wait, what?! Pretty yellow dress, me? Not a usual wear in my busy daily life in London. I mean, who can go around London like this? I guess anyone except me really. That would make me feel like I just fell from a rainbow and am looking for another Leprechaun to teleport me back to where I came from.  Ah, those Leprechauns…

Nevertheless, when you’re surrounded by bikinis, crop tops, and the other 6 colours of the rainbow, a little yellow dress works perfectly as a camouflage. Surprisingly enough, this little yellow dress managed to awake the interest of dozens of my female Instagram followers. I blame the background. Zakynthos is too photogenic.

doina ciobanu zakynthos yellow dress-6

doina ciobanu zakynthos yellow dress close doina ciobanu zakynthos yellow dress-21  doina ciobanu zakynthos yellow dress-8

doina ciobanu zakynthos yellow dress-11

doina ciobanu zakynthos yellow dress-2

doina ciobanu zakynthos yellow dress-26

doina ciobanu zakynthos yellow dress-22

doina ciobanu zakynthos yellow dress-5 doina ciobanu zakynthos yellow dress-13

doina ciobanu zakynthos yellow dress-16

doina ciobanu zakynthos instagram

Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • i love everything in the pictures. The dress is so chic and the gladiator sandals is to die for 🙂 the background is soo beautiful 🙂

  • Adorable summer look. Love the cute dress and sandals 😀

    xx Mira

  • love this dress babe

  • Andrea

    Sooo sweet!!Great photos.

  • I’m in love with yellow! Lovely dress! 🙂

  • I looooove this dress! You look amazing in it!

  • Pretty dress and daring colour too but you pull it off as usual! I would of paired it with thinner strappy sandals but that’s just me already thinking about buying the dress ^.^

  • Kavasi Kinga

    love your dress!

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    ChocolateFashionCoffee INSTAGRAM!!!

  • So lovely! I’ve been waiting for this post!

    xoxo Simona

  • Maya

    I love this look!Beautiful Doina,kisses!

  • Sim

    You look beautiful! 🙂

  • Cute outfit

  • Deli

    Absolutely gorgeous!Lovely dress

  • восхитительные фотографии!

  • The fit and colour of this dress is really perfect though! x

  • love the sundress look 😀

  • Giovanna

    Your did a great job styling this. Heels would have been too sexy. The gladiator flats are perfect, especially since you were in Greece! And that green bag? Killer.

  • This color is amazing!

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  • you look absolutely stunning.
    Adore the dress. it is amazing.
    Lovely captures

  • This is one of your best outfits,maybe because I’m curently in love with gladiator sandals . Loving this outfit.

  • that yellow looks amazingly good on you! love the scarf in your hair!

    xo Melanie from The Fashion Menue

  • This dress is absolutely perfect *_* I love the color!!


  • amazing!

  • great dress!

  • cool look

  • Kimberly Jane Nesbeth

    Where can i buy this?