Little Lace Dress.

Skopelos, Greece

Misha Collection lace dress (similar HERE and HERE) / Charlotte Olympia shoes (50% off!) / pearl anklet  

Though on the other end of the world, Australia is definitely the country with some of the hottest stuff at the moment. I mean, seriously, have you noticed the Aussie Instagram takeover? Detox tea, detox recipes, perfectly toned bodies, vegan diets, swimwear, beach, beach and again beach, but the most importantly, the fashion.

I have been following the evolvement of the Australian fashion industry for a while, and I have to say that the simple and edgy style of the local designers has placed it in my top favourites. This gorgeous Misha Collection dress is a “wearable” proof of that!


doina ciobanu misha collection-17

doina ciobanu misha collection-9

doina ciobanu misha collection-13

doina ciobanu misha collection-15

doina ciobanu misha collection focus doina ciobanu misha collection-14

doina ciobanu misha collection-12

doina ciobanu misha collection-4

doina ciobanu misha collection-7

doina ciobanu misha collection-16     doina ciobanu misha collection-3

doina ciobanu misha collection-18

doina ciobanu misha collection-2


Photo: Daniel Dykes

  • As usual, superb photos! I know the dress shoe combo is meant to be the focus point but I love what the ankle bracelet brings to the look, very Australian indeed 🙂

  • Gorgeous dress!

  • Perfect dress!

  • Claris

    This is gorgeous,love your dress and hair!!

  • Rosaly

    I love,love,love your dress and shoes!

  • You look smokin. x

    Life of Niss

  • nat

    wow the dress is so beautiful

  • Gorgeous!

  • extraordinary, as always 🙂

  • Maria

    Absolutely the best photos!Beautiful Doina.

  • Absolutely stunning, Doina. Classic, sexy and ultra sophisticated. Amazing.

  • Thia Padilla

    This dress is amazing… I need to got it!

  • This is so so coool! Incredible! Very sexy and beautiful Doina!!!!!

  • Such a gorgeous and romantic dress x

  • Ира

    Ты такая крутая!!!

  • Anya

    I hoped I will see you in Moscow for your Net-a-porter project. I didn’t know you were in Goriki Park, it’s not far from where I live)

  • Alena

    This is beyond beautiful, breathtaking!
    Kiss, Alena | meet me stylish

  • you look absolutely stunning. the dress is a perfect fit

  • Amazing dress and photos.
    visit my travel blog

  • Анна

    Шикарный образ!Отличное сочетание классического силуэта.Вы просто прекрасны!!

  • the black and red combination is soo beautiful. the lace dress is to die for!!

  • wow! you look soooooo gorgeous!!!

  • fantastic!
    perfect dress and shoes!

  • Sandra

    i have only seen this dress with a bras, and I would have imagined it would look way too much without one. But you girl managed to somehow make it smokingly hot

  • wow! amazing pics! i’m impressed!

  • I totally love black, too! Perfect shot!

  • Gorgeous look, love it.

  • Sexyyy <3