Black Camouflage.

Paris, France

Jessica Choay shirt / Valentine NY lace bras / Asos leather skirt / Maurice Lacroix watch / Bunny Be Cool “OM” necklace / Malvensky infinity necklace / Zara heels (similar HERE) / Mango sunglasses

Not for the first time have I asked myself for an explanation of my love towards the black color. To my biggest regret (especially in those moments when you need any kind of argument, strong enough to convince your mum), I haven’t found an answer.

Yes, black is classy, it goes well with everything, it visually makes you thinner, it’s elegant, it’s practical, it’s official, and thousands of other reasons I don’t really care about. That still does not explain why millions of people, myself included, would feel such a deep love for it.

There is something dangerously sensual about black that we can’t quite explain. Black is an inner personality. Black is twisted. Black is rebellious. Black is desire. Black is sex. It is the only color that can camouflage so much passion and danger underneath the mask of control and self-restraint.

Doina Ciobanu leather skirt

Doina Ciobanu leather skirt-17

Doina Ciobanu leather skirt-13 Doina Ciobanu leather skirt-7   Doina Ciobanu leather skirt-11  Doina Ciobanu leather skirt-9

Doina Ciobanu leather skirt-8    Doina Ciobanu leather skirt-4

Doina Ciobanu leather skirt-3 Doina Ciobanu leather skirt-15

Doina Ciobanu leather skirt-2

Photo: Elena Goroshka


  • Cool and beautiful look. Love the skirt and the sheer shirt 😀

    xx Mira

  • oooh this cant be any better doina

  • great outfit! Love the peek of lace!

  • Super style!

  • Nice look!

  • So chic!

  • love your ‘ohm’ necklace!!! and the outfit is real sophisticated perfection

  • Amazing photos! You look gorgeous as always! xx

  • The weird thing is, I used to hate black when I was younger. I always wanted to wear colors. Nowadays, I’ve fallen in love with black and gravitate towards it. I love your outfit – very elegant chic.

  • Nice look! The skirt is really pretty 🙂

  • Beautiful look…love the skirt

  • Stunning photos and I love your outfit!

  • Love the lingerie peeking out of a blouse look! It’s so subtly sexy!


  • very elegant look, the blouse is awesome
    DH empire

  • Ksenia


  • Classy and sexy look! It goes especially very well with your beautiful hair! x

  • simple and lovely!

  • amazing dear!
    as always!!

  • Thia Padilla

    I’m a Black lover too… cool post

  • I like this black outfit because Black is also my favorite color in every season and moment of my live. <3

  • Anonymous

    I love this Doina, your posts are getting better and better and better! xoxo

  • Stunning pictures!

  • Love it dear<3

  • you look amazing!

  • Hi!!! Today I met you in a L-ink journal!! I love your style, is so delicate..

  • wow! you look gorgeous!

  • I like this shoes;)

  • Amazing look, love the sexy tights.

  • Beautiful combination!