Wishing you a very bloody weekend.

London, England

Wearing: Agent Provocateur corset / Fendi coat / Face lace sticker mask

And the time of the year when girls put on their bunny ears and guys slash their throats with red paint is here again. London has had a Halloween party every day this week, but the event I am most excited about is yet to happen tomorrow at the Mondrian Hotel. “The Darkness Within” will be inspired by the sensual Eyes Wide Shut movie with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. As soon as I received the invite I started hunting for the perfect mask. But how can you be original when everything has already been done? I can’t possibly compete with Vogue’s 90th Anniversary hand made gold pleated face jewels, but I did find an alternative. What if you could stick your mask? Yes, imagine a sticker lace mask. And what are you wearing this Halloween, my loves?

Also, you can get my mask HERE in case you liked it.

Doina Ciobanu halloween lace mask 2-2


Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • Wow!

  • viktoria



  • That is actually a really amazing mask!! Love it! So original


  • Sticker masks are actually a genial idea! Who wants to hold theirs all night? And the ones you tie behind your head are not always 100% secure. This one though looks devilishly good!

  • Nesrin Bozlak

    The mask and your makeup are very beautiful. Well done!


  • Lovey Fleming

    Absolutely fabulous! I adore this spooky look and such marvelous photos!
    Happy Halloween babe!



  • hotttt!