doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_

Where dreams come true.

Paris, France

Givenchy gown and Charlotte Olympia Dolly shoes 

“Not long ago, in a charming dream,
I saw myself — a king with crown’s treasure;
I was in love with you, it seemed,
And heart was beating with a pleasure.
I sang my passion’s song by your enchanting knees.
Why, dreams, you didn’t prolong my happiness forever?
But gods deprived me not of whole their favor:
I only lost the kingdom of my dreams.”

Pushkin was a brilliant mind, and today, writing  this post, I fancy nothing else than a little poetry and some dreams of Paris…

doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_-2      doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_-12

doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_-7

doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_-11 doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_-9

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doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_-8

doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_-6


doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_-10

doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_-4

doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_-3

doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_-13

doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_-14

doina ciobanu givenchy gown paris_-16

Photos: Elena Goroshka
Edit: Daniel Dykes

  • Breathtaking pictures!

  • absolutely stunning <3

  • doina, you really are magical !!!

  • So gorgeous.

  • very pretty pics!

  • This is incredibly beautiful !

  • This is incredibly beautiful!

  • You look stunning…the colour of the dress matches your skin and hair so well, it’s amazing!! Love your makeup too, subtle but bold 🙂

  • Stunning photos!

  • Dreamy set up! What lenses do you use to get the effect, it complements the dress beautifully 🙂

  • Gergana

    Amazing shooting!

  • cool

  • beautiful pictures

  • really breathtaking!

  • What a gorgeous, gorgeous dress! The way it flows is just superb!

  • Ești absolut superbă Doina !!!

  • stunning!

  • wow! amazing photos!!! you look so beautiful!!!

  • Thia Padilla

    Lovely pics Doina, You´re gorgeous girl…I can´t decide which one is my favorite =D

  • Gorgeous!!
    You look gorgeous, and the scenery is gorgeous :)))))

  • Eлена

    Ты прекрасна!!!!!!Я обожаю твой блог,в нем много души и вдохновения.Платье просто мечта!!

  • Alexandra

    Superba, sedinta foto si tu ai stiut perfect ce si cum sa faci ca sa te pui pe tine in valoare , dar si rochia , care este speciala 🙂

  • Love the dress,stuning

  • loveee the dress and the color look great on you :))))
    it’s so beautiful.
    And you look gorgeous in this photos.

  • Very beautiful pics !
    This dress is amazing !

  • Awesome look, your hair looks amazing 🙂

  • Magnificent <3