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The Bochic Travels. Skopelos, Greece.

Skopelos, Greece

Wearing a Bochic clutch with a Rhea Costa dress and Soludos Espadrilles 

 Already spending my last days in Zakynthos, and I can’t believe how fast my trip to Greece has gone. No wonder they say that “You don’t truly appreciate what you have until it’s gone”, because no matter how much we look forward to something, try to enjoy our time, put in effort to make it memorable. A moment is only truly unforgettable when you can’t even remember what was the reason for your happiness, but you’re left with a warm feeling whenever flashbacks from the past run through your mind.

Driven by the desire to capture the extraordinary sides of life, The Golden Diamonds has paired together with Bochic, to share the beautiful moments from my travels with you.

The journey of the Bochic clutch starts on the Mama Mia island, Skopelos, filled with the spirit of love and adventure, in a little town that was once a Mediterranean pirate bay called Glossa. The fine Bochic clutch being a true piece of art, I wanted the visual story around it to be a reflection of the local culture, which is very relaxed and rural, therefore my outfit choice was a lace dress from Rhea Costa, worn with a pair of espadrilles and an ankle bracelet bought at a local market.

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Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • Kaja

    You have a gift of finding the most beautiful dresses! and I can’t wait for more pictures from Greece! 🙂

  • Floortje

    Wonderful pics! I love th combo between the chic dress and the espadrilles!


  • Leesa

    really pretty pics!

  • Mira

    Wow amazing dress and clutch. Beautiful shots.

    xx Mira

  • Simo

    A favourite!
    about the clothes and about the spirit

  • Fashion Musings Diary

    Amazing dress!

  • irene laura

    wow <3
    Love the photos

  • Tra Mi

    Although I dislike espadrilles, I really like how it turned out with this dress.

  • Sabina B

    Beautiful look and photos!

  • Reichel

    So beautiful! Love this amazing shots 🙂 – Come and visit <3
    Instagram: @reichellg

  • ajnira

    The pictures are truly beautiful. And the way sun is going down, then beautiful dress. Wonderful !

  • Lia S

    stunning dress!

  • Lia S

    stunning dress!

  • Alex Lazar

    That Rhea Costa dress is just amazing!!! xx

  • Piia

    Love how your paired the elegant dress with simple espadrilles. Gorgeous!
    Bowtie Diary

  • Saskia B.

    Wonderful dress !
    Saskia ! xo

  • Rougeuse

    Amazing pictures, love the light! x

  • Lydia

    Love how you paired the dress with espadrilles x

  • Thia Padilla

    I love that clutch…and the dress is perfect! the bracelet is really beautiful… you have the gift of making simple look unique… thanks for your posts!

  • Eirene.

    Ce tare-i ultimaaaa =))

  • Martina

    What camera do you use? Amazing photos!

  • Elsa Jabre

    Really love this dress and clutch you are so classy

  • Катя

    Ты просто обворожительная!!Я обожаю твой блог и жду все новое с нетерпением.

  • viktoria


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  • Alice

    You need to chillax yourself and your face a bit. It’s just photos!!!

  • Martha

    Lovely dress!!

  • Michelle Lee

    amazing look!

  • Alexandra


  • Alexandra

    Wow Doina, this is so beautiful, and you are a true beauty!
    Kiss, A

  • Mylan

    I find your blog on Instagram. Love your clothes!! ^^

  • Anonymous

    You and Daniel make such an awesome team! Hope to see more photos of you two together 🙂

  • Dominika

    You look absolutely amazing! And I feel the sunshine, when I’m watching these photos. The photos are realy great:)

  • http:[email protected] Jeans Please

    Beautiful dress!

  • Addictions to Shopping

    Stunning photos & outfit!

    Hayley xx

  • Daniella


  • sheva

    that dress is love love love <3

  • Annet

    Wonderful! I’ve never seen so chic and casual look at the same time.