Do it like a star – Olivia Palermo.


What can be more beautiful in this world than a nicely dressed and groomed woman? The correct answer is nothing! I noticed this lady a few years ago, when my interest in the world of fashion was very superficial. I was just looking for a source of inspiration. After seeing her photo, I stopped and considered it for a few minutes. For women it is very important to dress well enough so that the man himself finds it charming, and that is exactly how she does it. Today I will talk about Olivia Palermo. She is an american socialite, model and actress. She was also a cast member of the reality television show The City, which made her hugely popular in the US, but it is her unique sense of style that made her famous all over the world. When I decided to write about her way of dressing and disassemble her wardrobe piece by piece, I realized it wouldn’t be that easy. To analyze a style like hers, I would need a lot more time than what I’ve spent on my previous articles. But she deserves it. She manages to somehow, just by wearing a simple white tee with blue jeans, look incredibly attractive.
Now I will move on from words to deeds, because her beauty should be behold and followed.

To dress like Olivia, you will need:

1.Blue skinny jeans. Choosing the right pair of jeans that will sit on you well and highlight your long and slim legs is a very difficult process . But if you’ve managed to do it, then you have to know that they will serve you for a long time. You can wear them while walking your dog out, or team them up with expensive shoes and skinny blazer for a sexy and luxurious look.

2. Super skinny khaki pants. The color of the pants makes it easy to use them in different ways. To me the best things to wear them with are the tennis shoes and white loose t-shirts.

3. Mini shorts. I am madly in love with her way of wearing shorts with opaque black tights . They offer cosiness and comfort to the entire image.

4.Long chiffon skirts. The skirt of this type I have always associated with femininity. Chiffon creates an impression of lightness. The skirt can be worn with sweaters made of coarse-knitted, creating a contrast of fabrics. Or with man cut lighweight shirts making you look gentile.

5. Flared skirts below the knee. Today it is very rare to come across a street and see a girl who dares to wear such a skirt. They are afraid that everyone will compare them with the grannys. My dear girls, forget about stereotypes! Boldly wear them with high heels and lightweight sweaters. Work it out like a fashionista!

6. Faux leather pencil skirts. Have you ever noticed how beautiful the contrast of leather and wool is? It makes your outfit look fancy and chic. If you have a short leather skirt, I would advice you to wear it with soft woolen sweaters.

7. Short skirts with intricate design
Skirts like that always need to be combined with very simple elements, in order to maintain the balance in your look. If you put on a skirt with a large patch of flowers together with the same design jacket-you’ll look like a carpet. So don’t do that. And remember NEVER wear trousers with intricate design!

8. Mini skirts.Mini length always implies sex in this manner. Wearing a mini skirt is always important to distinguish the line between vulgarity and innocent playfulness. As you see Olivia gives preference to mini skirts of chiffon and it makes her look more endearing rather than vulgar. Take an example.

9. Bell bottomed trousers.
These pants say: “I’m а confident girl who will always be able to pay for herself the restaurant bill”. But even so, it is better to let do it your admirers. As it will be a huge number.

10. Flared pants.This is a huge Hello to the seventies. I would advise to wear these pants the girls who have really thin legs. Because they are high waisted, they visually lengthen legs. Yet it is worth remembering that these pants should always hide shoes. If your flared pants are up to ankle, don’t wear them with high heels. It looks ridiculous.

11. Ankle length trousers.Aristocratic wealth, luxurious life, comfort, rigor, self confidence and sexuality. Here’s what are saying these pants. Personally, I think pants this length must be in every woman’s wardrobe.

12. Faux leather pants

13.Mini cocktail dress.
Mini dresses always flatter image of girls when they are made of expensive fabrics. In Olivia’s arsenal we can consider three types of dresses: 1) with floral print – next season they will be very relevant and your preference should be given to large flowers.
2) with geometric pattern-it could be embroidered with beads on the entire surface of the dresses or simply printed.
3)solid color dresses – you can give preference as dresses with bright colored surface as to the one with pale colors. It depends on your mood. Anyway by choosing a pale colored dress be confident by accessorizing it with the right pieces.

14. Lace and macramé dress

15. Long evening chiffon dresses

16. Black dresses.When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place.

17. Bright colored jacket . Always in trends and always makes you the most evident spot in the crowd.

And remember dears – dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.

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  • Olivia is a beautiful woman, always a good source of inspiration!♥

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  • awesome post. she really is amazing! <3

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    She is so beautiful i dont know if she even looks bad sometimes…guess not!!!!

  • Meg

    Wow this must have taken you so much time to compile and write but thank you for taking the time, I really enjoyed reading it.

    Olivia Palermo is my ultimate style crush but her wardrobe must have cost a fortune! I wish I could have and wear all her clothes but I think that will only ever be a dream of mine!

    I really love her in ankle length trousers, I think she looks the best in those.

  • Wow! You made it so easy to dress like Olivia, even though it need a lot of pieces but worth pieces in the closet. 🙂 Thanks for making this post possible, it’s very helpful and reliable. Olivia Palermo is such a classy woman just like you Doina. I hope you can visit Philippines too, just like how you visit Thailand.

    xx Diana

  • She’s gorgeous!

  • She always looks immaculate!

    Fashion Dawgs

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    Once again…great work,Dorin!

  • One of the best style mavens in the world right now. Love her and her versatile style!

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    Emma <3
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    Love her style,her outfits are always perfect!


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    Thank you, D 🙂

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    I love the fact that she is rather petite and not afraid to wear flats! It’s nice to know that comfort goes a long way for her as well 🙂

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    Foarte stilata!

  • She always inspire me in a great way! I feel a little like you about her.. Some years ago I see her looks and have just felt in love with that amazingly elegant style! This post truly has realized her essence.


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  • Oh I love this post! I did one recently on Olivia P, as well. You did a great job going through all of her key outfits and pointing out why it works well in fashion and also on her body type. I really think Olivia Palermo is such a great fashion icon for any fashionable modern day woman. She mixes so many great patterns and texture, that it can work in any closet. All you need is a little creativity and inspiration from icons like her!

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