Do it like a star – Miranda Kerr.


Beautiful. Smart. A mother. A 29 year old angel… A Victoria’s Secret one, of course- Miranda Kerr. When men see her walking down the street, they probably think “Damn, somewhere in the world there is a man who’s allowed to kiss those lips!”. Yes! Orlando Bloom is certainly a lucky man. Her street style is recognized all over the world as being one of the best and she takes the leading positions in all the style rankings. While i was analyzing her wardrobe, besides the fact that i consistently admire her beauty, I realized that she is actually a very wise lady as well… She knows the secret of good looking – an easygoing and down-to-earth beauty. To be beautiful is easy, all you need is to take care of yourself.

In one of her interviews Miranda said that physical beauty needs to be fed by our inner healthiness and neatness. I know that you’ve heard it a thousand of times and now you’re probably thinking “it’s easy to say this kind of things, when you look that extraordinary!”. But what if you change your way of thinking into a positive direction. Beauty is different. In real life standarts do not attract. “A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose.All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that’s like women too. I want to encourage women to embrace their own uniqueness.”- that’s what she says.

So in my opinion this is exactly the type of woman that should inspire you, and that is where I want to help you, ladies!

Her wardrobe consists of:

1.Hat. Wearing it has become shameful in modern society. Girls are usually afraid of public opinion. Change your attitude!! Hats are an extremely important accessory these seasons. They may be black and wide, or just a simply brown fedora one. They are suitable for cold spring evenings; for summer as well, but I would recommend the white hats, better the ones made out of thin materials like viscose.

2.Solid cotton scarf. It can be worn with any pieces, from shirts to outerwear ( except for the evening dresses) . There should be at least two scarfs in a girl’s closet. One of a bright color (green or red) and a neutral one.

3.Leather quilted biker jacket. An absolutely necessary piece. It shows your character. It has always been a fashionable attribute. It’s also a very convenient thing. It can be worn with soft woolen sweaters and skins pants for daytime walks or long Jersey dress for evening. With heels or flats, with a hat or scarf, it will always make you feel cool.

4.Coat. From what I’ve noticed, Miranda loves outwear. That’s why she has multiple coats in her closet. Generally speaking, I have divided them into three broad categories:
1) with geometric pattern (small cell or large rhombuses)-it is desirable that they are of  bright shades. Best worn with a business suit.

2) black coat can be very popular in military style, or just typical knee-length style. It is versatile, so you can combine it with anything.

3) salt & peper oversized coat- very classy thing. Can be worn with leather shorts or mini skirts. It usually gives the twist you need to a simple outfit. Plus it makes a girl look very fragile, which always flatters. 

5.Trench coats. As you can see in the photos, there are two ways to put on this type of coat. If you wear it as a dress, you don’t need to overdo it with accessories. High heels will be enough. If you want to use it as outerwear, wear it with bright colored suede or patent moccasins ( it will look expensive) . Trench ceased to be clothing for protection from the rain, so wear always boldly.

6.Pants with flowery pattern. One of this summer season trends, so be sure you buy them in advance! But it is important to remember three things: first, they should be up to the ankles; Secondly, the flowers should be large; thirdly they should be from chiffon or a dense cotton. Never buy conventional cotton pants in the fine flower, they will look like little girl pajamas.

7.Leather pants. I do not get tired of repeating that the skin wear is cool and trendy. Miranda is the second girl in the locker room, who uses these pants as a basic element. They are suitable for everything, but they’re worn the best with wool sweaters and cardigans.

P.S. Notice how beautiful they look with sport shoes!

8.Leather mini skirt. Well I think there is nothing to add here. These are just like the item above, an all time basic piece. So make sure you have at least one in your closet!

9.See trough top. Wearing transparent clothes is a tricky task. To do this, you should at least have a perfect figure. When you’re putting this kind of piece, remember that if we are talking about a completely transparent top (shirt or t-shirt) bras must be from the same color palette. If we are talking about an opaque transparency , then a black bra will be your salvation, but it should be without lace.

10.White blouse. Miranda’s arsenal has two types of the blouses:

1) sleeveless with two patch front pockets-it can easily be worn in everyday attire. Teamed with classic ankle length trousers or silk skirt. Always beautiful.

2) oversized model from cream silk or see trough cotton can be worn at parties or formal receptions. With leather pieces it looks posh.

11.Shirt with floral pattern. Just like the pants, one of these seasons trends, so make sure you get one before they’re sold out everywhere!
12.Long dresses. Women should wear dresses. I can’t really imagine a true woman’s wardrobe without them. I have a big weakness for women in long Chiffon dresses, because they look really soft and natural. It’s like the women wearing them seem to be floating in the clouds. In this Department of Miranda’s wardrobe you can emphasize three distinguishing features:

1) light chiffon dresses with floral print, Maxi length or just below the knee. If the dress is without ruffles you can wear it with a belt on your waist.

2) Maxi dresses with crew neck. They are designed for everyday wear.You can wear a blazer or denim jacket on top and add one or two bracelets to finish your look.

3) dresses with slit up to the thigh. If you have the same long and straight legs like hers, feel free to dress like that! Choice in favor of such dresses can be made not only for evening outfits, but for casual too. In that case you must remember to match it up with a pair of flat sandals.

13.Short dresses. Here you can just get all the colors and types of silhouette. Slim brightly colored dresses body make you look breathtaking, while the white and cream dresses transform a woman into a modern goddess!

14.Black tuxedo blazer. I would like to note the combination of broad, jersey pants and this skinny blazer. Girls always hurry to wear this king of blazer with cigarette pants or high waisted jeans , forgetting about such alternatives. But how sophisticated it looks, huh?! All because of the fact that proportions were kept. If the bottom is extended, top should always be tapered. Note this to yourself.

15. Bright colored blazer. A really nice pop of color during the warm seasons of the year.

16.Pencil skirt. This piece screams efficiency, wealth and self confidence. A woman dressed in a skirt like this can always get the job she wants the most.

And remember dears – We all have bad days, but one thing is true: no cloud is so dark that the sun can’t shine through.

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  • she is awesome !! 🙂 with no doubts

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    And she’s also a mum.great looking and super stylish mum.I dream of that

  • Dorin Rusu

    It’s a wonderful dream, D 🙂

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    OMG she is the ultimate stylish woman….I love her!


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    Dorin, desi noi simplii cititori nu am avut ocazia sa te “cunoastem”, as dori sa iti spun ca fiecare post de al tau este reusit, si cateodata mi-e greu sa realizez ca sunt scrise de un baiat! Felicitarile mele!!

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    Mersi frumos, Mihaela! Esti extrem de draguta!

  • pretty thorough research

  • Imi plac foarte mult genul asta de postari. La cat mai multe!

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  • She is so stylish!

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    beautiful woman, icon of everyone! so is you, doina.

  • She’s definitely one of the most stylish celebrities, love her looks!

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    foarte frumos structurat articolul.mi.a placut mai ales pt ca de curand am descoperot.o pe Miranda si mi.a.placut sa ma interesez de stilul ei.Articolul acesta chiar m-a ajutat! Keep going girl!:*

  • She has such good style and fashion sense!

  • Zorba Bahlvi

    I just love your article. Amazing compilation of these pretty pictures!! Thank you so mush for sharing. She is a role model for all the young girls out there like me. I think she looks fantastic…in whatever she wears.

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