Do it like a star – Milan Vukmirovic.


As we all know, people like to label. Being part of an interest circle, people often jump to label certain features, without even knowing you. Today I want to present you a man that because of being part of the fashion world is perceived as being arrogant, while in reality he is tactful and shy. He tries to change the perception that only gay man can be tastefully dressed.
In an interview for GQ he said: “I go to L.A. and people tell me, ‘I love the way you dress, but I could never do that because everyone will think I’m gay.’ American guys worry too much about what others think. Fashion is fun, and you should be able to play with your look. I can’t imagine anything more backwards than purposefully looking like crap just so people know you’re attracted to women”.
Personally, I consider him an example, not only because he has a very defined style, but because he managed to do exactly what he wanted in life by battling stereotypes. He is a journalist, photographer, stylist, creative director and during his period at Collete he was also a buyer. Maybe thats where his eclecticism come from. He is the picture of a man who mixes the things up. Style it is not all about clothes, it’s about attitude and what comes out of your soul as well.“It’s so important when you are young to fill yourself with culture, art, music, movies, fashion, travels. It’s fuel for life” said Milan. But I would add that all that-it’s fuel for your personality. And that’s where the style comes.
So, to create some looks being inspired by Milan,you will need to gather in your closet the following items:
1. Aviator sunglasses. I can hardly imagine Milan street style looks without this accesorry. He wears them at autumn, at winter, at spring and summer. With a coat or t-shirt. It always make you look stylish.
2. A long to knee coat. It may be salt&pepper sartorial style coat or a comfy blue parka. With golden metal buttons military styled coat or a simple black one.The thing is that a coat is needed in a man closet all the time. I would wear it with whit converse to make a casual look.
3. A lightweight regular fitted jacket with zip close and four pockets in the front. It’s a very useful piece. At summer when is chilly outside you can team it up with a plain white tee and white converse and look stunning.
4. A long cardigan. If you will mix it up with a pale blue shirt, you will never look like your grandpa. I promise.
5. A short cardigan. I would choose a bright colored one, just to be trendy. And team it with a white shirt.
6. A crew neck sweater.
7. A v-neck sweater. Guys think they can wear a scoop v-neck just with a crew neck t-shirt, but Milan proves you that it’s a completely wrong idea. Wearing a white v neck tee underneath will make you more masculine and fashionable.
8. Colored regular fit shirts.
9. Denim shirts.
10. Plain t-shirts. it may be a tank, a tee with a scoop v-neck, one with crew neck. It’s an indispensable item in anyone’s closet. Guys can accessorize them with a necklace or some bracelets as Milan does and be confident in their outfit.
11. A pair of smart trousers and a blazer.
12. Chinos. Different shades. Wear them with smart shirts, tees, smart shoes, converse. Blue or beige. Lighweight or heavy. Slim or loose fit. Must have.
And remember dears – a man does not have to be handsome, a man does have to be a man. End of sentence.

  • my gosh – he is superstylish !!!!

  • He looks amazing!! I just wanted to be a man for a second haha. He is really stylish!!

  • Amazing Style! Good looking guy!

  • Deborah

    Great post!


  • Alison

    have you seen him in real life? his tan is always carrot-orange it’s fake and disgusting!

  • love his style very much!!

  • Great! Many men should take some style lessons!