Do it like a star – Emanuelle Alt.


This woman is 43 years and is a source of permanent inspiration for a lot of girls. She’s French, but that doesn’t stop her from being internationally known- Emanuelle Alt. She is a contemporary Parisian woman who doesn’t only know how to dress, but also is very interested in design. She’s all about minimalistic Parisian chic, an attractive attitude more than just  physical sexuality.

Her activity in the fashion world began at the age of 17, working in the French Elle. She had been the editor of Vogue Paris for an entire decade, until the moment Carine Roitfeld left her position in 2011, and Emanuelle became the new editor in Chief.  Here’s what Carine said to Financial Times’ Carola Long about that fact: “We aren’t friends any more. I think it’s sad. When you give a lot of confidence in people and you don’t get it back you are a bit disappointed but that’s just life. I move on.“Maybe this was not supposed to be a friendship,” Ms. Roitfeld said. “If I look at the balance, maybe I lost some people I thought were my friends, but I made so many new friends. I am very happy, in the end, because I am the winner”
“I am the winner,” she repeated. “At the end of the day.”
…. Well I think we’ve gone a bit off the topic, as my mission here is not judging personalities, but talking about  style. So here is how Karl Lagerfeld describes her style and I share his opinion: “Her style is her big shoulders, long legs, tight jeans, sleeves up to the elbow, one hip out. I personally like her. She’s a handsome French woman. She has a style, but is it enough to make a whole magazine?”.

However, because Doina and I are big fans of minimalism and masculinity, I want to share with you the keys of her style that we like the most, and also help in case you want to recreate her looks.

If you want to look like her you must have:

1.Leather pants. As you can see, these are different from the ones usually worn by the  younger girls. They are not skinny or slim, and are sewn from a thicker skin. Emanuelle has wardrobe-type pants and leggings made out of leather. They are more difficult to design because there is a vertical stripe along the length of the legs and wide cuffs at the bottom. They look great with her favorite male shirts and other leather pieces. If we talk about shoes, the best decision would be a pair of suede pumps on kitten heels, because they make the whole outfit more balanced.


2.Classic trousers. The length of this type of pants is very flattering for the female legs. They show your ankles, but not too much of your legs. Remember in my previous posts I showed you some types of ankle legth pants (they were either in flower or geometric pattern)? So these are absolutely different. They are more masculine and have comfortable side pockets. They show exactly what a grown-up and smart woman needs- confidence, attitude and independence. She always wears them with a belt from Balmain and large shirts (plain or with front pockets) rolling the sleeves up to the elbows.


3.Skinny jeans. What a useful thing in a woman’s wardrobe! Especially for those girls who have long and slender legs. Emanuelle loves tight jeans because they give her thin and long legs look endless. In her closet you may identify 2 types of tight jeans -white and black. She usually ears them rolled up higher than her ankles. That certainly makes her outfits look simple and effortlessly chic. And again, her favorite piece to wear the pants with are the masculine shirts and t-shirts which makes everything look casual and wearable.


4.Flared pants. I have already told you about these pants. They are very feminine, but daring as well. Every time I see them I get a flashback of Yves Saint Laurent during Helmut Newton’s days, extreme sexuality. I just want to remind you the main rule when wearing them, they must always cover your shoes!


5.Oversized grey coat. A grey coat never goes out of fashion. So if you are going to choose such a coat, choose quality over price, as it’s a life-time piece. I really like how the oversized ones look on women, they make them look fragile and feminine. When you want it to be more elegant, you can just put on a belt. 


6. Leopard print fur. It’s been a few seasons and it’s still a trend! It looks expensive and stylish, but can sometimes look very cheap as well, so beware what material you choose! Also the sleeves length is a very important detail– they should be three quarters.

7. Sheepskin coat

8.Mini skirt. Emanuelle is rarely seen in a dress… Like very rarely!! But that’s what we love about her style, isn’t it? However, she is a woman, therefore she sometimes does wear mini skirts. In her arsenal there are two types of skirts, both denim, but different colours- black and grey. I also admire her for realizing she’s not in her 20s anymore, and only wearing them with black tights and usually high suede jackboots. Looks very cool!


9.Fur vest


10.Blazer. Her huge collection of blazers can be envied by  fashionistas all over the world . As her wardrobe is influenced by the masculine style, blazers are a key piece of her style . When I wanted to expand her collection, I was able to divide them into three broad categories, each of them different in their own way.

1) Long casual skinny fitted blazer


2) Short skinny blazer

3) Man cut blazer


11. Biker leather jacket

12. Shoulder pads military jacket. When Cristophe Decarnin reintroduced shoulders pads for his collection in 2011, all of the fashion world went crazy about them… And I think still is! Emanuelle is definitely one of them, moreover, these jackets have become a hallmark of her style. Looks expensive, right?


13.Dark blue coat


14. Fedora hat. The most fashionable accessory today! Can’t say that I’m a big fan of the black ones, because I like beige hats more (Like Miranda’s, remember?). However, I can’t deny that a black hat is a must in a woman’s wardrobe!


I would like to end this article with Emanuelle Alt’s quote about herself: “I don’t like water. I drink Diet Coke. Nor do I smoke, or drink alcohol or even sip a café. I don’t look after myself. I don’t do yoga, Pilates, those things. I hate physical effort, I don’t run anywhere, but I am super-energetic. Make-up? I just black my eyes and that’s it. My hair? I get it cut on set (fashion shoots), I never go to a hairdresser. I’m not sure I’m French. You think I’m not smart enough?”

Photo source: Vogue Italy, The Sartorialist, StockholmStreetstyle

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