Do it like a star – Alessandra Colombo.


Her name is unknown to those who are not in the fashion industry. I’m sure some of you, when seeing her photos, asked themselves: who is this young lady?! Well, dears, i will tell you! She is the lady that managed to convince the world that androgyny can be beautiful, when used in correctly and balanced.

Alessandra Colombo is an Italian designer that came in Scott Schumann’s shoot light, thanks to her unique style. On his website, Scott created a profile section, positioning her as being one of the most stylish young ladies with a sartorial scent.
She is a feminine version of a dandy. A woman that can wear clothes typical to the masculine wardrobe, preserving at the same time her femininity at the highest level. A skinny dress doesn’t make you more of a Woman. Sometimes just a pair of regular blue jeans combined with a slim blazer fixed with a thin belt, will make you look gentle, with a defined sensuality.
So, for those who decided to follow this style, here is what you’ll need:

1.A black slim fit blazer. This is a “must have” element in anyone’s wardrobe. A well fitted blazer can transform a simple white tank into a luxurious piece, just by being worn over it.

2.Jeans regular fit, which must always be worn rolled up. Otherwise, your look will be damaged by lack of class.

3. Skinny fit jeans. I find it very chic how she combines them with flat shoes, making them look very boyish. Those slippers are the most useful pair of shoes a girl may have in her closet and I advice you to get a pair like that.

4.Leather jacket. It can be navy blue, black or camel. And don’t go just for a classic bomber style jacket. It may be a more risky one, with ruffles on it for example.

And remember dears – no matter what you wear, always  keep chin up! Attitude is important. 

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  • Anca

    Hi it’s a nice selection of pictures but it would be very nice and professional of you if you would quote the pictures sources. In this case The Sartorialist 🙂

  • Doina Ciobanu

    We will try to do that in the future, but usually we find the photos using the “old” google search, and the original source doesn’t always show up. But thank you for your feedback! 🙂

  • I like the boysh style very much.