Disaronno x Grazia.


What I loved the most about Milan is that it’s a city where you can actually meet people. I don’t mean that in Paris you don’t get to know a lot of new people, of course you do, but in a very different atmosphere. Paris Fashion Week is more “business”. Everyone is running from one show to another, visiting dozens of showrooms a day, having work meetings; Milan on the other hand is very down-to-earth and casual. People go to shows, but it’s not that crowded, and you can see the people you know, compared to Paris, where you usually look at Instagram a few hours later and realize that  your friends went to the same show you did, but you just didn’t see them!  Mostly, Milan is about the after parties, where you can actually meet a lot of people. You go to a 2 or 3 events in one day, but everywhere you go people show an interest in your personality, and they try to really get to know. In my opinion that is the most important and interesting thing, when you not only see people passing by, running to a show and then leaving it in a hurry, but when you get to know them and make new friends.

So now about one of the parties that I went to last week in Milan- “Disaronno loves Grazia Italy”. Together with my friends Daniel, Olga, Ira and my photographer Alex, we went to the event that took place in Excelsior, near Duomo. It was fun, though at a certain moment got way too crowded (can’t blame the people, everyone goes to a cool party!). I tried Disaronno, which I was pretty familiar with as back home lots of my friends drink it. I liked the almond flavor that was really tempted, bad it was only after I had drunk it I realized it was actually liquor! (not that I didn’t know that). Well, what can I say, forgive me, but I am a non-alcoholic person, I barely drink anything except wine… maybe only Spritz apperol… Ok and Cosmo, but only if I can’t taste the vodka in it! But back to the event, I even got a heart shaped mirror and a small bottle of Disaronno as a souvenir  how cool is that?!

IMG_3135grazia IMG_3122graziaIMG_3130graziaIMG_3116grazia IMG_3107graziaIMG_3097grazia IMG_3104grazia  IMG_3098grazia  IMG_3090grazia IMG_3082grazia IMG_3076graziaIMG_3084grazia IMG_3071grazia IMG_3069grazia   IMG_3056graziaIMG_3144graziaIMG_3142grazia
photos by Alexey Popoff

I was wearing:

3.1 Philip Lim dress
D&G coat
Casadei boots
vintage earrings + Givenchy bracelet
Celine bag

  • very elegant coat on you!
    interesting post!


  • Marina

    It´s Disaronno and not Disoranno! 🙂 Anyway, I liked the post*

  • you look really sweet like usual babe 🙂


  • I love your outfit!!!

  • your sense of style is so good.

  • you look great!!

  • Magda

    Foarte interesant,parca am fost si noi acolo!!!

  • You look great!! Lovely blog 🙂

  • Alison

    *… except wine and cosmo and spritz apperol …* lol i love wine too XDD

  • amazing shots! I love the vignette effect in some of the indoor shots!

    Bella – http://sittingwaitingwishin.blogspot.com/

  • looks like so much fun! you look gorgeous!


  • u rock!


  • So envious you get to meet such cool people! Hopefully I can do that when I’m older. Looking gorgeous as always!


  • Veronica

    Beautiful Doina!!Lovely blog!!!!

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    You look gorgeous!Interesting post.

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    Wonderful event!!


  • awesome snaps


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    Frumoase poze,frumoasa tu esti,multe impresii pozitive sa ai!!!

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    you look amazing dear! love the coat, so simple but so chic!


  • Алла

    Ты везде очень шикарная!!!!

  • Maria

    Bellissime queste foto:)

  • Hi, This black long coat gives a professional look and I hope that all official women will like it.

  • the atmosphere b/n milan and paris is definitely different


  • love your look here!