Discovering the Cotswolds . Part I.


My last week was very active and full of adventures. My family came to London to visit me, and since my mom had never been to the city before, I had to play the guide and take them to the most touristy places. London Eye, the Elizabeth Tower, Tower Bridge, the Shard, the Borough Market, were all on our “To see” list, obviously. Well, the Borough Market isn’t really a top place in any touristic guides… not sure if you can find it in one at all, but it’s definitely one of my favourite places in town, and me being me, always excited like a child to show the people I love the places I find special, I couldn’t include it in our trip around London.

But Londres isn’t really England, I find it more like a multi-cultural center, a city of diversity, rather than tradition. Therefore when deciding the faith of my parent’s impression of the very hot at the moment Albion, the Cotswolds came to be  the perfect destination.

It took one Rental car, two days of explorations, one night in a haunted hotel, and some delicious local food to make for one of the best travelling experiences we’ve ever had. Looking at the photos now, I realize that pictures simply can’t express the beauty you see with your own eyes. We visited a lot of cute little villages in the Cotswolds, Abingdon, Burton-on-The-Water, Stow-on-the-Wold, Chipping Campden, and many others. As I found it pretty hard to choose which village to visit, where to eat, what to see, from what was already on the Internet, I thought it would be nice to put together my little Cotswolds travel guide in the next few weeks. So make sure you don’t miss all my recommendations for the area in one of the next posts x

explore cotswolds_

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explore cotswolds collage   explore cotswolds_-7

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  • Omg the location looks marvelous! Glad you enjoyed the time with your family 😀

    xx Mira

  • what a wonderful place!

  • Such a beautiful place! Love the sweater you’re wearing too x

  • England is such a pretty place, every corner of that country is filled with cute villages and great landscapes. It’s impossible to get tired of it. Great photos, looks like loads of fun.

  • Hana

    love the bag

  • lovely capture!

  • looks like you had a great time

  • Looks like straight out of the fairy tale!


  • The perfect outfit for the English countryside!!! I want it to be chilly again,haha!

  • Beautiful, the town is gorgeous 😉

  • Ольга

    Очень,очень впечатляет!!Это рай!

  • Lovely place! Sooo English 🙂

  • Love these pictures, the location looks beyond perfect. pic of you and your sister is too cute xxx

  • wow! amazing shots ! such a beautiful place!

  • Love the location and the bag.!!