Cantabria, Spain

Though I’m in Japan, I still haven’t managed to show you the beautiful places I visited in the North of Spain, Cantabria to be more specific. It is a fascinating place with cliffs and victorian style architecture, reminded me of England, very different from the South Coast.

Decided it would be useful to give a few destinations for you, guys. So if you ever visit Cantabria, here are some places you just can’t miss.

To see:

  • Santillana del Mar– a medieval village full of souvenir shops. The best place to eat is La Huerta Del Indiano. The restaurant is hidden in a beautiful garden at the back of a small house. For lunch they have a 13-15 Euro Menu (wine+ starter+ main course+ dessert+ coffee).
  • Altamira Cave– If you share my love for history, or are interested to see how people’s “houses” looked like in the Paleolithic Era ( 18 000- 14 000 B.C.), this is the place to see! Unfortunately photos weren’t allowed, so you’ll have to google it to see some.
  • Santander, Palacio de la Magdalena– Santander is the capital of Cantabria and one of the most developed cities in Spain, though with a population of only 100 000 people. The Palace of Magdalena is a fascinating place (we did a shooting there, so i’ll make a separate post with it) inspired by the English and French style.
  • Suances– once a Roman settlement, now it is a very beautiful costal village.
  • Cabarceno Natural Park– especially if you’re traveling with children, this is the best place to spend a family day. Elephants, wolves, tigers, zebras and many other animals.  Avoid weekends!! I had the feeling the the whole Cantabria visits it on Saturdays, Sundays.

IMG_2963cantabria IMG_2945cantabria IMG_2859cantabria  IMG_2900cantabria IMG_2826cantabria IMG_2761cantabria IMG_2747cantabriaIMG_2723cantabria IMG_2705cantabria IMG_2695cantabria IMG_2665cantabria IMG_2655cantabria IMG_2646cantabriaIMG_2750cantabria IMG_2609cantabriaIMG_2563cantabria IMG_2606cantabria  IMG_2534cantabria IMG_2571cantabria IMG_2582cantabria IMG_2591cantabria IMG_2569cantabria  IMG_2543cantabria IMG_2538cantabria  IMG_2520cantabria IMG_2519cantabria   IMG_2822cantabria IMG_2668cantabria

  • what a beautiful place!

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  • sweet pics babe !!! love it 🙂

  • I love this place! It’s very different from the rest of Spain, indeed, but so beautiful <3

  • It looks amazing! The cliffs and beaches are just breathtaking!

  • What an amazing place! I absolutely love your trip and photos. Your sister is very cute and she looks like her beautiful sister.


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    Superbe poze!Ador aceasta regiune,unde este o natura frumoasa.

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  • Very beautiful pictures !! The cliffs look like England indeed!

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