What about a Detox?.


Many of you have been asking me about my diet, workout, and so on and so forth. Truth be told, I am not the best example of a 100% healthy lifestyle; every few weeks you’ll see me eating a pizza (and I actually mean one whole pizza), chocolate, bread, croissants and milk shakes. To my deepest regret, my biggest weakness is sugar, and not too far, fresh pastries. I’ve always envied those people, like my aunt, who are simply not tempted by sweets or anything fresh bread. God, when I go to Paris my whole body has a lack of nutrition shock. As I always say, that is the only city where I eat SALAD (i know, one of the healthiest meals) with bread. But how can you resist the soft baguette? Well, maybe you can, but I can’t.

However, even though I go crazy eating sometimes, especially when travelling, I know when to stop and I always balance those short “junk food” periods with a long healthy recovery afterwards. This time, Dietox came to my help. I only just did a therapy yesterday, and since so many of you kept asking me about it, I decided to write a post the next day.

As much as I love making smoothies, experimenting with different flavours and superfoods, there is simply no time for me to spend in the kitchen. With fashion weeks around the corner, and constant meetings in London, I can only dream of properly trying my new kitchen.

Also sometimes it’s quite tricky to find all the ingredients for a serious vitamin boost. Think of Acai, Maca, Pea protein, Xanthan gum, Brown rice protein, Guarana, Chia seeds, and all the dozens of fruits. I am not saying it’s impossible to find them, not at all! I mean, if you can’t find something in London, you can’t probably find it anywhere in the world haha. Nevertheless, buying all that is a pain, and very often you end up ordering half of it online, and then keep missing the deliveries as they all come from different retailers on different days; and the other half carrying from the grocery stores and markets. So again, a lot of time goes on just the preparations.

Dietox on the other hand offers a series of cleansing therapies: 1, 2 and 3 days. The smoothie sets can be used both for fasting, which is what I did for 1 day (though I’ve never really considered getting a huge amount of vitamins and energy in liquid form as being fasting); or semi-fasting. Once you get your smoothie pack a proper guide explaining every aspect of this experience comes together with it.

Today I feel absolutely wonderful! For the first time in a while, my stomach is super flat as the detox really good rid of the bloating I’ve been having. It might sound strange, as you’d think a day can’t really change anything, but once you do a proper detox, that includes all the right nutrients, you realize that one day can make a big difference in how you feel.


Hope this was helpful!

D x

  • I eat so unhealthy and should really give this a try. Thanks for sharing 😀

    xx Mira


  • I did kind of a detox and I think it’s very good for your body! 🙂 Good luck !


  • I used to love sugar and would crave it every single day. Then, I started to not feel well and decided to change my diet. It was really hard for me to quit eating pastries, cakes, chocolate and cookies but I was able to do that. I replaced sweets with fruits, vegetables and honey and the crazy sugar craving that I had is totally gone now. However, I allow myself to eat ice cream once a month, if I want to. I think itIt’s important to take care of the body and listen to your body. Change of your lifestyle should be permanent not temporary.

  • definitely would love to try


  • I wanna try them too…great article!


  • I also have a sweet tooth and it’s really hard to resist some things like cookies or cereal but I have to be honest, ever since I decided to eat healthier and more times a day, I notice a huge different in my energy and in my body.
    I’ve never had a detox smoothie but I might try this one just to see what all the fuss is about 🙂

    Ana Leote

  • Victoria

    Мне очень нравится читать ваш блог. Английская версия очень помогает пополнить лексикон. Хотела попросить написать что-то о том что носить в универ, что-то удобное, но оставаться в стильным. Уважаю ваше мнение, у вас несомненно безупречный вкус. Заранее огромное спасибо.

  • Ila

    Interesant articolul tau, doar ca nu inteleg ce cauta guma xantan langa superalimente ca maca, fructele de acai, semintele de chia…

  • Doina Ciobanu

    Buna! Guma Xanthan este un aditiv alimentar, folosit pentru scaderea presiunii sanguine si a colesterolului 🙂

  • Eлена

    Дойна,я благодарна вам за ваши рекомендации.Я читаю ваш блог с удовольствием и я в восторге что вы меня вдохновляете во всем,мода,питание,спорт,путешествия!!

  • Lina

    Sadly a lot of it is just a marketing trick and “detoxing” with juice is a made-up concept, often a placebo. Yummy though, that’s very true!