Denimology- the jacket.


Writing something about denim jackets is not difficult. The task gets more complicated when you’re trying to convince the others that this jacket type can not only be used while walking out the dog, but also to parties or while hanging out with friends. Nowadays there are so many types of denim jackets in stores, that when it comes to choosing the right one – we usually get very confused. Well here is where I want to help you a little.

Generally denim jackets can be divided into three broad categories: fabric, tailoring and color. If we talk about the fabric used for them, we may refer to 3 types: stretch fabric, soft denim and coarse denim. My advise would be to stop your choice on the coarse denim. Why? Because it will flatter the pieces worn underneath.

If talking about colors, especially for women’s clothing, even though the choice is wide, I would advise you to stop on the light blue pieces. They basically match everything and never go out of fashion.

Talking about the tailoring, it can be divided into: biker jacket style, common style (with length above the hips) and the oversized model. All of them are nice and interesting in their own way. And this is when there are no trends or rules, and everyone chooses the model that compliments their features and style more.

My task here is to suggest you several ways of using denim jackets in your outfits.

1.Short summer dresses of chiffon. In flower, with a geometric pattern, plain, mini length or knee-length. They are all flying and light. The coarse jacket gives a balance of crudeness and lightness in the look. In this selection, I would recommend you the up to the middle of the torso length one, in order to properly maintain the proportions of the body.

2.Mini party dresses. In this case, the best option will be mid-thigh length dress custom made from fine velour or colored Jersey. Special attention should be paid to the choice of footwear. If with summer dresses you can wear sandals, flats or cowboy boots,  with party dresses you should only wear high heels.

3.Long to the floor skirt. Here is a small catch. It is very difficult to pick the right maxi skirt that will flatter the length of your legs. The right choice, in my opinion, will be the chiffon skirt in vertical folds. But in order to follow the trends, select the brighter colored model. And be sure to compliment the look with bracelets, lots of bracelets!

4.Maxi dresses. Here things are much easier. With long dresses you can create 3 looks:

1) Western look– if you select a dress with ruffles down, it should be a cotton one, and you should wear it with a hat.
2) Casual style look – dresses with deep round neck and up to ankle length, solid color or in a small flower, custom made of lightweight Jersey or chiffon. Match them with high heel sandals to make your outfit look more casual.
3) Evening style look – in this case the dress should cover your shoes and the shouldn’t be too much jewelry.


5.With a white top and short skirt. The white top is always a salvation! It offers a specific freshness to the image. This may be a lighweight tee tank on thin spaghetti straps or shirt with long sleeves ( you can pull them to make visible from under the denim). The best choice was made by Cameron Diaz (on the right), who combined the jacket with a mini cream colored skirt and a top on thin spaghetti straps. She looks expensive and casual at the same time.

6.With mini shorts. In summer, this image is always at hand. There should be at least one pair of shorts in every girl’s closet… Well of course if you’re not older than 30

7.With black cigarette trousers. The best option would be the ankle length ones. Preferably choose stretch, cotton or faux leather (which is insanely fashionable). They can be worn with high-heeled shoes or just like Blake Lively wears, with flat cowboy boots.

8.Everyday trousers.This may be chinos, conventional cotton khaki pants or fine pattern just like Gwen’s. Just don’t wear white leather shoes!

9.Under the coat. Honestly, even I wear my jacket this way. When it’s chilly, but not too cold to use a puffer, you can combine the denim with a dark shaded woolen coat . That way you will create layers (which is very trendy!) and by simply wrapping a scarf around the neck, you can look pretty cool.

10.Oversized denim jacket. With them you have to be cautious and remember that you can not wear a jacket 5 times bigger than you, because it doesn’t look proportional, and sometimes it looks ridiculous! I am sure you don’t want that, right? So if you’ve decided that you need this type of denim jackets, the best decision would be to buy it one size bigger. Sometimes there are specially stitched oversized models, like the one from Acne on Rihanna. In those cases you can just buy your normal size, and it would look fantastic!
And remember, my dears – a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!

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  • denim is immortal 🙂

  • Great post, I just got some inspiration! However, could you improve on one tiny bit – the langugage? Sometimes the grammar and sentence structure are all wrong, and its quite annoying!

  • very cool!!
    love denim!

  • Love denim jackets and also the pics you took, they are perfect for every casual look, I think is a must that never goes out of style.

    Enjoy Paris fashion week Doina, I’m exited to see all the looks that are you wearing.


  • Love denim jackets and also the pics you took, they are perfect for every casual look, I think is a must that never goes out of style.

    Enjoy Paris fashion week Doina, I’m exited to see all the looks that you are wearing.


  • Deborah

    Love it,so versatile and glamour!


  • I have a massive vintage oversized one and i love it! Its one of my fav things i own 🙂

    Hayley xx

  • this post is absolutely amazing! i want to buy denim jackets now haha 😀

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  • I’d add leggings as well

  • Larisa

    I couldnt agree more with you! enrvyoee is saying how nice an empire cut dress will look on big people but they are just talking about people who doesnt have a tummy to hide. I look PREGO each time i TRY on a dress like that so of course i’m not gonna buy one!