Daring Cuts.


  Lashes of London dress/ vintage ring/ PNK Casual blazer/ Isabel Marant shoes (similar HERE)

      The Little Black dress. Very little. Very black. Not my usual style. As any other woman I have the things I love, and the ones I hate. As a reader of mine, you should know I’m not that into short skirts, even shorts. However, from time to time, I find things that I just can’t resist getting, just like this Lashes of London dress. I’ll be honest, when I first put it on, I felt super uncomfortable, as it was so… small. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take photos in it, but then said to myself: “Doina, you ski on black trails, and can’t handle a mini dress??”.

At first, I had my Isabel Marant sneakers on (at least something boyish). We took a few photos, and then decided to try and see how the dress looks in something more elegant, like my new minimalistic sandals, from Isabel Marant as well. Turned out, it didn’t look that bad. That’s how I realized that looking provocative from time to time isn’t that bad, as long as you stay true to yourself and act like a lady. Don’t you think so?



DSC02773 DSC02843







DSC02870  DSC02953

Photos by Fashionising

  • http://www.theserialshopper.blogspot.com Meelena

    it looks lovely but I think I prefer the sneackers version!


  • http://www.addictionstoshopping.blogspot.com Hayley

    wow! not something i though i would ever see on you but its gorgeous! And you still look elegant <3


  • http://couturemeup.blogspot.de/ Mirjam

    I LOVE the dress! It might be short but it still is so elegant! 🙂

    Couture Me Up

  • http://couturemeup.blogspot.de/ Mirjam

    It might be quite short, but still so elegant! (And I anyway prefer short dresses) 😀

    Couture Me Up

  • http://diamondsandpebbles.wordpress.com/ alice

    i love your honesty in this post! but you are so right about remaining true to yourself and knowing the things you like and dislike. this outfit is STUNNING and you look amazing too!! it’s very gothic and not all that provocative.


  • http://franchemeetsfashion.blogspot.cz/ carol

    yeah quite unusual but quite cool as well 🙂


  • http://laroqua.com sasha

    tu esti f frumoasa, naturala si fresh, fotografiile foarte bune.
    rochia nu o percep ca pe alegerea cea mai potrivita.
    imi place ideea de combinat structura ei cu pantofii sport.

  • http://fashionfixeshearts.blogspot.com Charlotte

    You’re really stunning !


  • Alina

    Esti superba,ador naturaletea ta si eleganta ce te face deosebita!!!

  • http://www.styleofpurity.com Nesrin

    The dress would look amazingly good without the necklace.


    Style of Purity

  • http://nononsensepff.wordpress.com Maria

    you look gorgeous in this dress !

  • http://lifeofniss.blogspot.com Niss

    this dress is very different to your usual style – but it looks fab on you. 🙂 the shoes are great too! xx

  • http://thevulgariangirl.blogspot.com/ Tra Mi

    This dress is really a drastic turn from your usual look. But it isn’t bad at all.


  • http://thevulgariangirl.blogspot.com/ Tra Mi

    This dress is really a drastic turn from your usual look. But it isn’t bad at all. I really like how you balance it with the sneakers.


  • Molly Springer

    Prefer your hair the usual style but love your philosophy on fashion.

  • http://www.hannoverfashion.com/ HannoverFashion

    Very nice liitle black dress! It fits perfect on you 🙂

  • http://www.definitelypauline.com Pauline

    This is such a stunning dress, I adore it <3

  • http://stylegrenade.blogspot.com Diana Jean de Belen

    You look so HOT Doina. <3

    xx Diana

  • http://sparkleonthefloor.blogspot.com/ Alexis Lazar

    Just fell in love with the dress !

  • http://pinklemonincrystal.blogspot.com Michelle Lee

    wow amazing dress!

  • Ana

    You are incredibly perfect!

  • http://bamostwanted.blogspot.com.ar/ Constance

    I love it, and you look stunning as always!


  • http://21chicstreet.blogspot.ro/ Alina

    You look amazing. You should dress like this more often .

  • http://www.ravenmaidenmaven.blogspot.com Lydia

    I’m similar…not a big fan of shorts! Love more lady like and classic pieces. But I guess once in a while its nice to try something new 🙂


  • Magda

    Superbe poze!!!

  • Luisa

    You look so cool!!!you are beautiful!

  • Milly

    You are perfect!!!

  • http://flavialavinia.blogspot.ro/ flavialavinia

    the outfit is great,love the dress,you look sexy and sophisticated 🙂

  • http://terners.blogspot.com/ terners

    great dress!
    perfect siting on you!!


  • http://thevioletvixen.com/ Violet Vixen

    That is a gorgeous dress! Also I love your ring!